Detroit man killed for telling driver to slow down

Detroit Man Killed After Telling Driver To Slow Down

A Detroit man was killed after telling a neighborhood driver to slow down.

You’ve seen them around, those drivers who speed through the neighborhood like it’s NASCAR even when there are signs clearly stating a speed limit probably half of the speed they’re traveling at. One man in Detroit called one such driver out and told him to stop doing that, and he got shot for it.

Cleveland Dunklin III was devastated at learning that his son had been shot on the street where he grew up. He told local news that when he got the phone call, he was hoping his son wasn’t dead, though he knew he was. Cleveland Dunklin IV had died in a drive-by shooting for simply doing the right thing.

Monday evening, Cleveland Dunklin IV had been walking across Braile Street in Detroit near Schoolcraft when someone came racing through the neighborhood. Speeding drivers in the neighborhood are not common, as the residents know to watch for children playing in the street. The speeding driver upset Cleveland Dunklin IV so much that he yelled, “Slow the car down! There’s kids on the street!”

The driver yelled an obscenity back in response, but it wasn’t over yet.

The speeding driver came back around in a different car, clearly upset himself, and killed Detroit man Cleveland Dunklin IV after the conversation escalated, pulling out a gun and firing as Dunklin’s cousin was walking away.

Cleveland Dunklin III stated that he’s not done with the driver, who police say is now in custody:

“He’s going to answer for what he did, one way or another. He’s going to get what he deserves.”

The Detroit man killed for telling a driver to slow down was a happy man who looked out for his friends and family. He worked in demolition. A wooden cross, balloons, and candles mark the spot where Cleveland Dunklin IV died, a memorial to a man who didn’t deserve what happened to him.

On Monday, a Detroit man was killed for doing the right thing and defending those around him.