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Bruce Jenner Filing For Divorce? Kris’s Sister Claims That He Has Hired A Lawyer

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Bruce Jenner is reportedly ready to end his 22 year marriage to his wife Kris.

Rumors started earlier this week when Kris’ younger sister Karen Houghten said that Bruce and Kris had already “separated.” Houghten said that Bruce had “sought a lawyer” and that he was getting ready to file for divorce from Kris.

Bruce hasn’t officially filed for divorce yet and Houghten has hope that her sister and brother-in-law will work things out.

Houghten said: “Their relationship goes back and forth. I would love to see them get back together.”

One thing that is reportedly holding Bruce back is his reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. A report in the Examiner claims that Bruce and Kris will probably wait until the end of the show to divorce. That would make the divorce less of a public mess and could simplify money issues as well.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians will last until at least 2015. It’s unclear if Kim or the rest of the family will try to extend their contract past 2015.

Kris and Bruce Jenner may be waiting to officially file the papers but according to son Brody the two are basically divorced already. Kris currently lives in Calabasas and Bruce has been living in Malibu,

If Kris and Bruce really do divorce they’ll have to split up their multi-million dollar fortune. Bruce Jenner is reportedly worth more than $100 million while Kris Jenner adds another $20 million to the table. Kris and Bruce were married in 1991. It’s unclear if they have any sort of pre-nuptial agreement.

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24 Responses to “Bruce Jenner Filing For Divorce? Kris’s Sister Claims That He Has Hired A Lawyer”

  1. John Wade

    I don't blame the guy. I've had enough of Kris Jenner and that's just from seeing her on television. I can't even begin to imagine having to live with her. And personally,if I was him I wouldn't wait for that show to end.

  2. Cindy Tracy

    I don't understand how he has stayed with this publicity seeking, money hungry wretch of a woman this long – he is so nice and down to earth

  3. John Wade

    I would have hauled ass the moment she said on national tv that she was thinking about changing her last name back to Kardashian.

  4. Tony Stein

    Bruce–leave Circe and the island of Aiaia and come home where you belong. You have been gone far too long and have been missed!!

  5. Anonymous

    Wow then man does have some gonads .Small ,but still at least he finally showed that he does .I could not imagine spending 22 years with a person so shallow that they could drown in a puddle of spit

  6. Victoria McCane McGowan

    No surprise here…..he will soon be dating a twenty something year old model or wanna be actress and she will have a string of much younger boy toys because she thinks she is one of her daughters….of course this will keep them in the news for years to come…….

  7. Sue Good

    Sad when a "sister" is so desperate for money ,she sold this story .It was on the show about Bruce's man cave Malibu home. Bruce's wasn't worth 100 million when he married Kris.He had lost his millions in divorces.Kris was his manager and built up Bruce's fortune. Kris has set her dry as toast personality kids up for life.Not bad for the fact that they can't act or sing .

  8. Anonymous

    Everyone in the entertainment knows she is a controlling, cheating old bag, Bruce hung in for his daughters.

  9. Kevin Skaggs

    The awful face lift,the whore daughters and the way she has shoved his kids away from him are just a few reasons why he should have left years ago.I would say chin up Bruce and move on but after that face lift he has no choice.

  10. Debbi Morgan

    Run Bruce, Run!! Who knows what goes on behind closed doors but on their show she treats him like a child. Things must be really bad when he can't have a golf course in his own backyard. Kris shouldn't care she is never home she is out running everybody's life. Bruce is famous and is suppose to be worth 5 times what Kris is worth financial. Kris is just infamous. Lets hope there is a prenup!!!!!

  11. Bob Rush

    hell she is happy she wants black also like her bitch daughters. he should be happy to be out of that stable.

  12. Myra Allison

    not surprised! He has been left out of most of the story line while Kim's pregnancy took forefront. Kris does not seem to love him any more so no use hanging around. Time to move on and find someone who loves him.

  13. Trini Villarreal

    like all of you, can't believe he has stayed this long. This woman makes a fool out of him…….Bruce it's about time you take a look at marriage and see that married life is not for you. You are too nice of a guy and women don't see it therefore don't respect you.

  14. Susan Wilson

    I wish Bruce the best, I think he has never gotten the respect he deserved as both husband and father of
    his girls and his step daughters. Kris is too much drama and runs that household. He deserves a woman
    who will appreciate and love him – he deserves better than he has gotten. I would not wait for any stupid reality show to stop, let them figure it out, they always got along without him anyway.

  15. Bella Dupree

    Bet your bippy Jenner and Kris will get a divorce. They always deny, deny at first. Sorry Monty, Bruce Jenner made a fool of himself long before he got tied up with Kris Kardashian and her kids. Didn'the leave his first wife who supported him for several years in order to train for the Triathalon (sp) and then the Olympics? Correct me if I'm wrong. Once he made it big, he dumped her and I believe the son he had with her? This guy's ego is discusting. If they pull his face any tighter he won't be able to close his eyes and his ears will have to be set back from this face. As a woman, I would hate to roll over in bed in the morning and see his face looking at me. Whole family nothing short of rich white trailer trash. Pardon my ignorance, BUT WHAT DAUGHTERS DID BRUCE HAND IN THERE FOR? He didn't hang in there for his own kids!

  16. Susan Rush

    Love him…. hope he "saves" the 2 youngest ones from becoming like their step sisters. I never could take it the way Kris talked to him. GO BRUCE!!

  17. Annie Carr

    I can see another Kartrashian reality show…."Finding a Big K for Kris"…Back into the dating scene. I hope she realizes in a few years she's going to be 60, and nobody will give her a second look or a second thought.

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