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Bruce Jenner Filing For Divorce? Kris’s Sister Claims That He Has Hired A Lawyer

Bruce Jenner is reportedly ready to end his 22 year marriage to his wife Kris.

Rumors started earlier this week when Kris’ younger sister Karen Houghten said that Bruce and Kris had already “separated.” Houghten said that Bruce had “sought a lawyer” and that he was getting ready to file for divorce from Kris.

Bruce hasn’t officially filed for divorce yet and Houghten has hope that her sister and brother-in-law will work things out.

Houghten said: “Their relationship goes back and forth. I would love to see them get back together.”

One thing that is reportedly holding Bruce back is his reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. A report in the Examiner claims that Bruce and Kris will probably wait until the end of the show to divorce. That would make the divorce less of a public mess and could simplify money issues as well.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians will last until at least 2015. It’s unclear if Kim or the rest of the family will try to extend their contract past 2015.

Kris and Bruce Jenner may be waiting to officially file the papers but according to son Brody the two are basically divorced already. Kris currently lives in Calabasas and Bruce has been living in Malibu,

If Kris and Bruce really do divorce they’ll have to split up their multi-million dollar fortune. Bruce Jenner is reportedly worth more than $100 million while Kris Jenner adds another $20 million to the table. Kris and Bruce were married in 1991. It’s unclear if they have any sort of pre-nuptial agreement.

Kris Jenner's Sister Tells All

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