Implanted computer chips for humans given FDA green light

Implanted Computer Chips For Humans Approved By FDA

Implanted computer chips for humans have been approved by the FDA. This controversial new bit of technology was given the green light for medical practices as a way to instantly tell the physician your medical history. The good news about this is that you might never need to fill out those repetitive forms while you’re in the waiting room again.

Then again, without the forms, you’ll be left with those magazines that hardly anybody reads unless you managed to have an ebook handy.

Now with the scare of technological privacy unleashed when Edward Snowden released secret documents proving once and for all that our government is spying on us, this implanted computer chip for humans may just open up the floodgates of protest. Who is to say it’s just your medical history that’s being recorded on the chip? Could we be getting tracked with it as well?

The implanted chip will contain little more than a microscopic UPC code if you will, which will allow doctors instant access to a secure database where your medical history is stored. The device itself fits in a tiny capsule about the size of a grain of rice, which is injected with a syringe into the arm with no stitches needed.

The implanted computer chips for humans mirrors what has already been used with around a million pets, which may or may not be used to help track the animals down if they happen to run off in the name of adventure.

The device also sounds very similar to something that was approved in 2012. The previous version was an ingested pill that you take alongside your medication, which marks the time you took it and records your vital signs, using a patch on the skin that you scan and use with a smartphone app. Other than that, it was said to do the same thing this new device can, though more immediate.

Implanted medical computer chip
Implanted medical computer chip

The implications of the implanted computer chip for humans look a tad risky, especially in the light of the NSA leak.