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Implanted Computer Chips For Humans Approved By FDA

Implanted computer chips for humans given FDA green light

Implanted computer chips for humans have been approved by the FDA. This controversial new bit of technology was given the green light for medical practices as a way to instantly tell the physician your medical history. The good news about this is that you might never need to fill out those repetitive forms while you’re in the waiting room again.

Then again, without the forms, you’ll be left with those magazines that hardly anybody reads unless you managed to have an ebook handy.

Now with the scare of technological privacy unleashed when Edward Snowden released secret documents proving once and for all that our government is spying on us, this implanted computer chip for humans may just open up the floodgates of protest. Who is to say it’s just your medical history that’s being recorded on the chip? Could we be getting tracked with it as well?

The implanted chip will contain little more than a microscopic UPC code if you will, which will allow doctors instant access to a secure database where your medical history is stored. The device itself fits in a tiny capsule about the size of a grain of rice, which is injected with a syringe into the arm with no stitches needed.

The implanted computer chips for humans mirrors what has already been used with around a million pets, which may or may not be used to help track the animals down if they happen to run off in the name of adventure.

The device also sounds very similar to something that was approved in 2012. The previous version was an ingested pill that you take alongside your medication, which marks the time you took it and records your vital signs, using a patch on the skin that you scan and use with a smartphone app. Other than that, it was said to do the same thing this new device can, though more immediate.

Implanted medical computer chip

Implanted medical computer chip

The implications of the implanted computer chip for humans look a tad risky, especially in the light of the NSA leak.

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42 Responses to “Implanted Computer Chips For Humans Approved By FDA”

  1. Jon Anderson

    they already have some chips into people. limited basis and they were paid a silly little stipend. supposedly this is part of the "O-care" bill- somewhere in those 22 thousand pages…

  2. Jarrod Lee Wheat

    BullShit the bible says the mark will be used for everything this is just for doctors and this is from the Inqusiter so its most likely fake dumb bitch

  3. Randy Darrigan

    It's the sign of antichrist already in our govt..The invisable tattoo will be chosen as an alternative to this grain of rice sized tracking, buying, selling, chip…Image no more cards to carry

  4. Ron Andrews

    Jarrod Lee Wheat, Glenda is 100% right. If you read the bible (which I know you don't and that is why you are so confused).

  5. Suzanne Zimmerly

    Electronic medical records are pretty much the same thing, you just don't carry it around with you but any doctor within your system has access. We are already tracked very where with our SSI, our insurance contract numbers, our address, phones, etc, and whether this is even true or not???? ah, must be, it's on the internet, right?

  6. Snoopy Sampley

    When hell freezes over…And your right its the mark or the beast. And for you who think the Goverment is going to tell you the truth that it's for Dr. records only, you better get your head out of the sand…

  7. Angela Bettens

    How do you know it is just for Doctors. You are the one that is dumb if you think that this chip will only contain your medical records.

  8. Cheryl Brown Strickland

    This is the work of politicians and greedy corporate whores who have bought them. It has not 1 damn thing to do with the bible or God. It has to do with human greed!

  9. Cheryl Brown Strickland

    Except we can still go under the radar if we so choose, that is NOT so with implanted chips. Just so you know, not all states, counties or cities are connected even with electronic records. Do some research.

  10. Cheryl Brown Strickland

    That was bush. obama is just his corporate whore's minion finishing the job.

  11. Cheryl Brown Strickland

    Have any of you actually READ the bible? It appears NOT! Either you dolts never actually read the bible or your comprehension skills are non existent.

  12. Michael Mastan

    Ron Andrews Then allow me to address you, I've read the Bible, it's what converted me into an atheist. The Bible is the biggest crock of shit ever conceived by man. Using it as a base for facts is sheer stupidity as there's 0 evidence that the Bible is right, in fact the Bible has been proven wrong on numerous accounts. I could sit here listing them but I'd really rather not waste my time as I'm sure you'll just revert into "Zombie Christian" mode on me. Saying I'm damned to hell and other such dribble.

  13. Cheryl Brown Strickland

    Ron Andrews You would be the one confused. You very obviously have NOT read the bible. You've listened to someone's babble and are simply repeating that. You see, those of us who actually have read the bible for ourselves know this is BS and to be quite frank, blasphemous.

  14. Debbie Thompson Carrier

    No way! That beast will not put his mark in me !! So help me God!!

  15. Jessica Powers

    I agree. It may start off as a device for doctors but then turn into something more. Very insidious indeed. We are living in the end times……..

  16. Jessica Powers

    Uh….read revelations 13:16,17. Yes, it is in there. Take out the Bible and read it please

  17. Rita Ruby


  18. Carlius Hardin

    There was no mention of computers or chips in the bible . Quit trying to make everything seem religious. The bible was man written. If God wanted something said, he wouldn't have made an imperfect book. Be for real and stop with the dumb crap.

  19. Cheryl Brown Strickland

    No it's a result of morons who let politicians and entertainment blow jobs tell them what to think and what to believe, what they should be outraged about and what is acceptable, like bushs patriot act and obama's NDAA while never lifting a bvrain cell to just 1 iota of critical thinking. This is perpetuated by the No Child Left Behind now known as Common Core.

  20. Rita Kendrick

    I'm looking at this from a more pragmatic theme, money. With part of Obamacare stating that there will be a tax on medical devices and the FDA approving implanting computer chips in humans, what is the upshot of this.

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