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Oregon Highway Shootout Ends With Death Of Gunman [Video]

oregon highway shootout

A highway shootout ended with the death of the gunman today in Oregon.

According to the Huffington Post, the incident started during a routine traffic shop. A video of the incident was posted to the internet today by the Oregon State police.

The video shows John Van Allen II, a military veteran, get out of his car after he is pulled over. Oregon State Trooper Matthew Zistel repeatedly tells Allen to get back into his vehicle but Allen decides to draw his weapon instead.

The shootout on the Oregon highway left the officer with a gunshot wound in his side. Allen was able to get away but officers found his car a few miles down the road. He was dead from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

It’s unclear why Allen decided to shoot at the officer. Kobi 5 reports that the veteran had three children in his car at the time of the shootout. A friend of the gunman said that Allen was on his way back home to South Carolina.

The friend said: “It’s just completely out of character -– it doesn’t add up.”

Here’s the video of the Oregon Highway shootout.

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11 Responses to “Oregon Highway Shootout Ends With Death Of Gunman [Video]”

  1. Gary Orlando Mason

    So I am unclear as to how the driver died. Was the wound self-inflicted or was it from the police officer?

  2. Kathy Bowman

    headline says today – this story is a couple weeks old.

  3. Roberto Freeman

    For every staged feel good reunion at a NFL or MLB game there are several of these each day….. on average 2 veteran suicides a day………. Aint war great yahoo!

  4. Spdey Gonzales

    to me it looks like a simple macho pride—why is this idiot pulling me over when I am not doing anything wrong?–just because I am black????

  5. Clint Notestine

    probably took a bleeder to the chest but with so much adrenaline it didnt affect him til down the road

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