Emmy Rossum runs into gynecologist

Emmy Rossum Has ‘Mortifying’ Experience With Gynecologist

Emmy Rossum often finds herself in a few embarrassing blunders as she plays Fiona Gallagher on Showtime’s Shameless, as she’s often seen without her clothes on, or in a money scam to save her family from being thrown out on the street. However, recently, Rossum experienced her own mortifying encounter, and it was with her gynecologist.

The actress took to her personal Twitter to tell her followers the story about her mortifying encounter with her gynecologist.

Of the embarrassing ordeal, which happened on Tuesday, Rossum tweeted in complete detail:

“Just had the most AWKWARD moment. Saw a man I recognized but couldn’t figure out HOW I knew him. He was SO familiar but I couldn’t place him.”

Rossum’s second tweet revealed that it was none other than her gynecologist, having tweeted:

“So finally I leaned over and said, Excuse me but you look so familiar. Do I know you? He said, Hi Emmy. It’s Dr Katz. I’m your gynecologist.”

Emmy Rossum referred to the whole ordeal with her gynecologist as simply “horrifying” and in another tweet she called the encounter “moritifying.”

To seek some support from her followers, she asked others to tweet embarrassing gynecologist related stories to her. Hopefully she can soothe her ego a bit.

In the tweet, Rossum said:

“Has that or anything like that happened to any of you?? Come on, tell me it has. Make me feel less like an idiot.”

While no one had gyno stories for Emmy, her followers tweeted other embarrassing stories for the Shameless actress:

Do you have any embarrassing gynecologist stories?

[Image credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com]