Two tourists burned to death by Madagascar mob

Two Tourists Burned To Death By Madagascar Mob

Two tourists may have been burned to death by a mob in Madagascar on Wednesday.

According to authorities, the savage attack took place because the pair were thought to be involved in child organ trafficking.

The mob reportedly chased down the tourists after a child went missing and attackers believed they were behind the disappearance.

A man has been arrested in connection with the missing child case in the northern city of Nosy Be, a popular tourist resort in the island nation.

The police station in which the man was being held was stormed by protesters who believed he had been paid to remove the child’s organs.

At that point, the mob proceeded to hunt down the foreigners, who they suspected of ordering the youngster’s grisly murder.

The deputy commander of the paramilitary police, General Guy Randriamaro Bobin, told the AFP news agency that this resulted in the two individual’s death.

The two tourists burned by the mob in Madagascar were identified as Frenchmen, but there are conflicting reports and some residents suggest that one of the men was Italian.

France’s foreign affairs spokesman Philippe Lalliot said one of the two killed was French, according to the AFP.

Some gruesome details in the child’s disappearance were surfacing on Thursday. According to General Randriamaro Bobin, the body of the 8-year-old was found on Thursday morning, without genitals and without a tongue.

The mob reportedly found human organs in a fridge in the building in which the tourists were staying.

According to the BBC, Nosy Be is hailed as the “crown jewel” in Madagascar and it is known for being one the of most visited cities in the country.

The French embassy has issued text alerts to its nationals warning them to stay indoors and avoid the beach were the tourists were reportedly killed.

The two tourists burned to death in Madagascar confessed to organ trafficking after being tortured by the mob, according to General Randriamaro Bobin.