Brad Culpepper On Survivor

Brad Culpepper Blindsides Teammate On ‘Survivor: Blood Vs. Water’

Brad Culpepper seems to have gotten the hang of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water.

After a rocky start in which he almost immediately blew it with his teammates, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers player turned on his own alliance member in a shocking twist on this week’s episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

Culpepper orchestrated a blindside of teammate John Cody, who earlier was helping out Culpepper by feeding him clues about the hidden immunity idol.

At first, it appeared that Brad Culpepper and the all-male alliance he forged in the first episode were ready to vote out Ciara, but Culpepper flipped and turned on Cody. His rationale was a strong one — Brad knew the tribes would eventually merge, and John Cody would be a strong competitor once that happened. They might not have many opportunities to get rid of him, so Culpepper seized on the chance.

Viewers watched Brad nearly lose the game in the first 10 minutes of the season premiere. After a twist separated him from his partner and wife, Culpepper said it would be difficult to face off against his wife and her tribe.

His wife Monica had played last season on Survivor: One World, leaving the show as the fifth contestant eliminated. She returned this year on the tribe of veteran players, playing against Brad and the newcomers.

After showing his reluctance to take on his wife’s tribe, Brad immediately realized his error.

“I answered with my heart not my head,” he said. “Oh my God, the first five seconds of the game, way to go, Brad,” he added, them making a gesture as if he’d shot himself in the head.

But Brad recovered, playing a strong game and bringing the members of his tribe together to tell them he was completely behind them. It was Brad who later came up with the alliance of John, Hayden, Vytas, and Caleb.

But this week’s big move may not pay off for Brad Culpepper. In a preview for next week’s episode of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, Brad says that he’s gone from the “driver’s seat to the hot seat” with other members of his tribe.

[Image courtesy of CBS]