Dishon Murder Solved

Dishon Murder Solved After 14 Years

The Dishon murder is finally solved. Jessica Dishon, age 17, vanished in 1999. Seventeen days later, her body was discovered in a remote area called Salt River bottoms.

Dishon was last seen in her Shepherdsville, Kentucky, home. The teen was getting ready for school.

Jessica never made it to school. She simply vanished. Police believe she was taken from her driveway as her keys and purse were found on the ground.

The teen’s body was eventually discovered in a remote area, which locals used as a dumping ground.

As reported by Courier Journal, the first suspect was neighbor David “Bucky” Brooks. Following an intense investigation, Brooks was arrested for kidnapping and murder in 2001. Authorities administered a lie-detector test, which Brooks failed.

When an officer testified about the results, the judge was forced to declare a mistrial. Lie-detector results are not admissible by Kentucky law.

Two years after his initial arrest, Brooks’ case was dismissed.

Two other men were questioned in the Dishon murder. Several members of the community reported seeing Jessica with Jason Dunford and James Coulter in the days following her abduction.

The claims were never proven. Coulter denied any involvement in the kidnapping and murder. Dunford was killed in a car accident in 2006.

Jessica DishonBoth of Jessica’s grandparents died before the case was solved. Jessica’s parents continued to plead for answers in their daughter’s case.

On Tuesday, Stanley Dishon was formally indicted in his niece’s kidnapping and murder. Authorities say they have worked on the indictment for more than six months.

As reported by WHAS News, Dishon was investigated following several reliable tips. Police say they have gathered strong evidence to support criminal charges in Jessica’s death.

Last year, the 55-year-old was indicted on charges of rape, sexual abuse, and sodomy, in different case.

Bullitt County Sheriff David Greenwell says he hopes Jessica’s family will find peace with Dishon’s arrest.

The Dishon murder is solved. However, for the family, the conclusion is bittersweet.

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