python vomits up dog

Python Eats Entire Dog, Changes Mind, Vomits It Up [Graphic Video]

You read the title correctly, friend. Video of a python eating a dog whole and then vomiting the poor pooch back up is going viral today, and just… bleaughhhh. We recommend you do not watch the video below for at least an hour or two after you’ve eaten.

Anyway, the video is reportedly from Bangkok, and shows a dead, slimy dog being regurgitated by a python whose eyes are way bigger than its stomach. Reptile expert Julie Mendezona said that in all likelihood, the snake rejected the animal after it proved just… too big… limiting the python’s movements.

“It seems like a typical case where the animal’s eaten something, because it’s hungry, but with snakes once they have eaten a large item they can’t really move very well,” Mendezona told 9 News Australia.

“All that commotion is spooking the snake and he can’t get away quick enough. He’s probably pretty scared at the moment, so what he’s trying to do is get away.”

If the video seems familiar, it’s because it’s actually not the first python-eats-something-big-and-disgustingly-throws-it-back-up video to go viral recently.

Last year, video of an anaconda throwing up a cow went viral. It was also pretty disgusting (you can watch it here) but it’s hard to have feels about a cow. Watching this python vomit up a dog might really get to you, so take our warning seriously: This video is not for the faint of heart.

Anyway, a few fast facts about pythons before we get to the gross stuff. Pythons kill their prey by strangulation, and have been known to kill and eat humans (though this is rare). Earlier this year, two Canadian boys were reportedly killed by an escaped python.

Ready? Here’s the video of the python vomiting up the dog:

[Image: Shutterstock]