Tom Hiddleston on being a celebrity: 'not really interested."

Tom Hiddleston On Being A Celebrity: ‘It’s Something I’m Sort Of Not Interested In’

Tom Hiddleston is by all accounts one of the nicest celebrities around, but what does he think of all the attention? He’s not really interested.

The British actor, who plays Loki in Thor: The Dark World answered some questions about his dark character while the movie was being filmed.

In an on-set interview, posted by Collider, the 32-year-old actor explains that he is all about acting, not necessarily about the “circus” associated with being a celebrity.

“The bit I love is I really love acting, really, and the circus of it, the circus of being- for want of a better word, a celebrity is something I’m sort of not interested in. I find it strange.”

He might be referring to all the attention he gets from fans who follow his every move and call themselves “Hiddlestoners”. When you have a fan base with a name attached to it, you are a celebrity.

But Tom Hiddleston is known for being very gracious with his fans, always a smile on his face and ready to sign whatever they put in front of him.

Steve Weintraub, from Collider asked him if being part of a franchise such as Thor has changed him. Hiddleston says it hasn’t, but he was surprised that it was “so much bigger than I had anticipated.”

Hiddleston shares some interesting details about what kind of Loki we will see this time around. He says he will change costumes at some point in the film.

Loki poster

Asked whether he likes Loki, with all his faults and bad behavior Hiddleston says,

“I do like him. He’s enormously charming. He’s someone who’s really nasty, but really elegant with it. He’s someone who looks good doing really bad things or sounds good or something. Do you know what I mean?”

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Yes we know what he means. Tom Hiddleston can be seen in Thor: The Dark World coming to theaters on November 8.