NYC motorcycle attack on SUV leads to arrest, police search for others

NYC Motorcycle Attack On SUV Leads To Arrest, Police Search For Remaining Bikers

The recent NYC motorcycle attack on an SUV was a horror to witness, but one of the bikers involved has been arrested. The police are still looking for the others.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an SUV driver who struck a biker from behind in New York City was a victim of horrific retaliation. The SUV’s driver was pulled out of the vehicle in front of his family and beaten.

You hear stories about these things, but you never expect them to actually happen. Alexian Lien was the unfortunate man it actually happened to.

Alexian Lien was driving northbound on the NYC highway when he was surrounded by bikers all of a sudden on their ride through. The motorcyclists slowed down abruptly as biker Christopher Cruz allegedly cut in front of the SUV and stopped. He had to have known the SUV couldn’t stop in time as the larger vehicle bumped into the bike, knocking him over. Christopher Cruz started yelling and pointing at the SUV. In a moment of probable panic, Alexian Lien accelerated and hit three other bikers attempting to leave the area.

The NYC motorcycle attack on the SUV driver began when things escalated out of control. Two other bikers then proceeded to grab the SUV driver out of his vehicle and beat him in front of his family.

Police said one biker hit in the incident been hospitalized with a broken leg, though the biker’s friends said on Facebook that the injury had led to a coma.

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Police are now combing through the footage that one biker took from his helmet cam and posted on the internet to find the other two bikers involved in the assault. One of the bikers supposedly owns a motorcycle with a sticker of the flag of Guyana on the back.

Christopher Cruz has been arrested for reckless driving and endangering the welfare of a child, as the wounded biker, Edwin Miesis, is in critical condition. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Monday that Alexian Lien has not been charged in his attempt to flee the scene.

Jeff Forde, one of the bikers not involved in the violence, said the biker migration was a symbol of unity, “Everybody just comes out for that one last ride. You got all these different crews, all these groups, who most of the year wouldn’t be seen next to each other. It’s one big family thing.” Sadly, this symbol of unity ended in violence.

The NYC motorcycle attack on the SUV has resulted in one arrest as the police search the video and question witnesses to find the other two bikers.