Justin Bieber Visits The Great Wall Of China

Justin Bieber Carried At Great Wall Of China, Also Walked [Video]

Justin Bieber made a princely visit to the Great Wall of China during his Believe tour stop in the country.

Currently on the Asia leg of his mammoth trek, the 19-year-old visited the ancient fortification with a group of buddies and his bodyguards on Monday after performing in Beijing the day before.

In photographs, Justin is seen being carried up steps at the world famous site by two of his security team.

There are also snaps of the white hoodie, baseball cap attired star walking around the landmark with his crew.

Other tourists at the 21,196 km barricade took cellphone pictures of the teen singer.

Some Bieber fans expressed divided opinions about the ‘bodyguard lift.’

“I still can’t get over the fact that Justin made his bodyguards carry him to the top of [sic] the great wall of China,” Twitter user @MusicOfKidrauhl wrote. “He is lazy like me haha.”

Another user @bieberandsupras tweeted, “Only Justin would have somebody carry him up the Great Wall of China,” adding, “Aw my baby boy.”

Other fans were more critical.

“I feel for Justin’s bodyguards,” @drewsrauhlx wrote.

Another added, “Justin, dude, u actually asked people to carry you? Someone’s going a little diva I see.”

In other pictures, the “Beauty and A Beat” star was snapped skateboarding along Beijing’s streets while two of his bodyguards ran behind him.

Twitter users have also shared photos of the pop star enjoying other aspects of his stay in Beijing.

The singer is seen perusing the Chinese capital’s Apple Store while wearing what appears to be a policeman’s hat. He was also snapped riding a bicycle around the city and visiting Spark nightclub.

On Monday, the heartthrob posted an Instagram showing a mountainous view from the wall. It was captioned, “Wow blessed.”

Justin later uploaded a viddy of a “cutie” he met while at the Great Wall.

But, as it turns out, the lady who caught his eye was a baby girl presumably taken to the historical wonder by her family.

Meanwhile, after reportedly thrilling Beijing fans at his Mastercard Arena concert on Sunday, the Canadian is next scheduled to perform at the Dalian Arena in Dalian, China on October 2.

Following one more concert in China, the pop prince heads to Japan and Korea before kicking off the Latin America leg of his now near legendary odyssey.

Justin Bieber Rocking Out Shirtless In Beijing, China
Bieber performing In Beijing, China on September 29.

[Images via sanfrancisco Instgram, BelieveTourUpdates Twitter, CaringKidrauhl Twiiter]