Chicago Train Crash Blue Line

Chicago Train Crash: Blue Line Collision Injures 48

A Chicago train crash injured dozens of passengers. Two CTA trains collided on the Blue Line this morning. One of the trains was reportedly stopped on the tracks when the other hit it head on. The accident happened at the Harlem station.

Officials report the collision happened around 8 am. The stopped train was reportedly out of service. However, it is unclear why it remained on the track.

Witnesses say passengers were screaming for the train to slow down or stop. As reported by Chicago Sun-Times, emergency personnel from several districts responded to the scene.

More than 50 passengers were injured in the Chicago train crash. Forest Park Mayor Anthony Calderone says at least 48 people were taken to area hospitals. However, officials say none of the injuries appear life threatening.

The CTA suspended all train service between Forest Park and Austin Avenue along Chicago and Oak Park. Shuttles are being used to transport passengers between Forest Park and Austin, to access trains to O’Hare Airport and the downtown area.

CTA officials say 11 of the injured were on the stopped train. Authorities are unsure why both trains were on the same track. Out of service trains are normally removed to avoid collision.

The Chicago train crash slowed the morning commute, as traffic backed up along the Eisenhower Expressway. It is unclear how long the track will remain closed. Train passengers are encouraged to use the Green Line until the Blue Line is reopened.

Witnesses report all passengers were evacuated from both trains. As reported by ABC News, the CTA will conduct a full investigation before the trains and debris are removed from the track.

The Chicago train crash was frightening for passengers and witnesses waiting for trains. Thankfully, the injuries were not life threatening. The CTA is currently assessing what caused the Blue Line collision.

At 11:00 am, CTA announced the Blue Line is now reopened. However, trains will not stop at the Harlem station.

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