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Zombie Survival Store Opens In Orlando, Items Are Intended To Cause Harm [Video]

Anyone looking to stock up on supplies and weapons for the impending zombie apocalypse should earmark an upcoming weekend for a trip to Orlando, Florida.

The “Zombie Survival” store, located in a strip mall off Sand Lake Road near International Drive, is one of the country’s sole shops trafficking in weapons to ward off the undead horde. That’s right, this isn’t the cutesy novelty item store. This is the 100 percent real 1060 carbon steel zombie decapitating machete store.

“Zombies get people excited,” said Kurt Josephs the owner of the store. “It’s a craze right now.”

Indeed it is, and Josephs’ store is loaded for bear, reports the Orlando Sentinel. The selection includes surplus supplies from the U.S. Army and Navy, gas masks, boots, camouflage, backpacks, MREs and machetes.

You can also buy life-sized zombie targets that bleed when struck, and official United States Zombie Hunting Permits. Okay, that is a bit of a novelty item. When the apocalypse comes, there won’t be a government to declare open season against the undead.

Aside from the focus on survival items, the store also has plenty of genre paraphernalia. They’re stocked up with zombie purses, zombie books, zombie caution tape, severed heads, zombie garden gnomes, zombie stickers, blood-spattered table cloths and zombie candy.

“If you like zombies, we got zombie stuff for you,” Josephs said.

Though he said that his friends laughed at him when he conceived the idea, the store has already proven to be a hit among everyone from zombie fans to genuine survivalists. And if the apocalypse comes, “We’re going to be ready,” Josephs says.

If you’re in the Orlando area or you’re planning a visit, you can find the Zombie Survival store at 6203 W. Sand Lake Road #D Orlando, FL, 32819. They’re open Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 7PM.

Fun fact, Josephs also owns a liquor store next door.

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