barilla pasta backlash

Barilla Pasta Boycott Addressed By Competitors Buitoni, Bertolli

The Barilla pasta controversy exploding on social media right now has drawn the attention not only of indie sauce makers, but two major competitors (Buitoni and Bertolli) as well as customers.

Over on Facebook, Barilla pasta’s gay marriage controversy has opened a door — and both Buitoni and Bertolli have slipped through alongside the “fabulous Beekman boys” in showing support for LGBT equality.

Since Barilla came under fire for the CEO’s Wednesday night remarks about “classic family” values excluding gay folk, controversy over the pasta brand has raged on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Many users have stated an opinion about Barilla and their stated views since the remarks were first circulated.

Buitoni and Bertolli both publicized their own positions on marriage equality and LGBT rights after the Barilla controversy began, posting to Facebook with ads or promotional images adorably stating their views.

On Buitoni’s page, the pasta maker simple arranged six tortellini alongside gendered markers — one set male and female, one male and male, and one female and female.

Over a green background, the Buitoni logo is displayed alongside a simple phrase: “Pasta for all.”

An international Bertolli page used a similar message, but added a cute graphic of little pasta shapes in what appears to be a pot of sauce slash same-sex wedding. (We can only infer, a penne noodle is marrying a penne noodle.)

A farfalle looks on in joy as a couple walks a mini-shell, and the message is as follows:

While the Barilla pasta controversy continues, it seems more brands are stepping up to show LGBT support in the boycott’s aftermath. Do you support or boycott brands that vocally support LGBT rights?