Ruben Studdard Now ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Joins Season 15 As Heaviest Contestant

Ruben Stoddard has been talking about joining NBC’s, The Biggest Loser, as the show’s heaviest contestant.

Stoddard weighs in at 462 pounds, and, before going in to the program’s 15th season, he has admitted that he was unable to have one last mammoth feast before he joined his fellow contestants on the ranch.

Of course, if he’d had the time he would have certainly had one last pig out session before he embarks on a journey that will ultimately see him lose a hefty amount of his current weight.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Mr Studdard remarked, “You know, the funny thing is, I was actually working the night before, so I didn’t get an opportunity to have a pig-out session, no.”

He added, “I actually flew from a concert to the ranch… I’m sure I probably would have had a piece of cake or something before I went up to the ranch for months and months.”

Mr Stoddard became a household name across the United States after the 35-year-old won the second season of American Idol. In May 2003, he beat Clay Aitken by just 134,000 votes out of 24,000,000 that had been cast.

However, since his success on the reality TV show, he has watched his weight explode, and he now weighs in at 462 pounds.

Stoddard, who has is a Grammy-nominated artist, has admitted that he will record his sixth album once he returns from the series and that he hope to “give every day of my life some Ruben time.”

Stoddard added, “That’s what I’ve been taught, as you know. I have to get up every day and give myself the two hours that I need to keep myself together before I even get into any music stuff, and that’s just going to have to be how I do it.”

Stoddard will be joined by 14 other contestants on The Biggest Loser including Olympic weightlifter, Holley Mangold.