Yuengling Ice Cream Returns

Yuengling Ice Cream Returns To Shelves Next Year

Yuengling’s ice cream will return to shelves in March 2014. The beloved brand ceased to exist in 1985. David Yuengling says public demand convinced him to reopen the family business.

The ice cream company was founded by Frank D. Yuengling in 1920. During prohibition, the family brewery was limited to.5% “near-beer.” The family had to do something to make up for lost profits.

Frank decided to open a dairy and ice cream plant. The dairy plant was in operation for 65 years. The ice cream was specifically well-known in Pennsylvania.

As reported by Yuengling’s Ice Cream, David is excited to bring back the family tradition. The ice cream will be produced in an existing plant in central Pennsylvania. David is committed to using hormone-free local products. The ice cream will contain only natural products.

As reported by Citizens Voice, this is a change from the original recipe. David says the original ice cream contained artificial flavoring. He hopes the new product will be appeal to consumers for the quality and flavor.

Despite bearing the iconic name, Yuengling’s ice cream will not contain alcohol of any kind. The flavors include vanilla, chocolate, chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate marshmallow, root beer float, black and tan, espresso chocolate chip, vanilla fudge chunk with pretzels, chocolate chip, and mint chocolate chip.

The expected price is around $6 per quart.

Although factory tours are not available, the office will be open to guests. Visitors will have an opportunity to discuss company history, view memorabilia, and taste free ice cream samples.

David spent the last 30 years working in information technology. However, he says his fondest memories were working at his great-grandfather’s dairy plant. He says he is ready to get back to doing what he truly loves.

David and his chief operating officer Rob Bohorad hope the business will expand nationwide. However, for now, Yuengling’s ice cream operates from a small office in Pennsylvania.

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