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Dory The Pitbull Shot In The Face, Police Won’t Press Charges For Shooting Therapy Dog

dory the pitbull shot in the face police wont press charges

Dory the pitbull was allegedly shot in the face earlier this month and the police won’t press charges. The source claims police are also denying all knowledge of the shooting and failed to even file a report.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, this isn’t the first time pitbulls have made headlines going against the grain of their stereotypical image, and cases of cruelty against pitbulls seem to happen quite often.

News sources are nearly nonexistent for Dory the pitbull but according to the available information, the Biloxi, Mississippi dog owner’s drunken neighbor trespassed onto their property with a gun and shot the pitbull in the face three times at pointblank range. The dog was allegedly so non-aggressive it came to the neighbor’s call and the owner claims Dory the pitbull is registered as a K9 good citizen, as well as being a certified therapy dog that visits senior citizens at the hospital.

The story continues by saying the police office who responded to the call refused to file a report, giving the excuse that it was a civil matter. The owners of Dory the pitbull have started an indiegogo campaign, as well as initiated a petition at

According to the source, the vet is more than willing to testify to Dory the pitbull being shot in the face, but evidence remains slim. The owner has gone silent, police have taken no action (though that is the accusation of the owners as well) and evidence from the vet’s office hasn’t surfaced. However, a case number was posted online along with a picture of an affidavit that may be referring to the incident. But the several suspicious occurrences since the story broke suggest that it might just be a hoax. In any case, news about Dory the pitbull being shot in the face is spreading across Facebook and other social media.

Only time will tell whether Dory the pitbull was actually shot in the face or not, but in the mean time, pitbull owners: be wary of drunken neighbors with guns.

If the story of Dory the pitbull being shot in the face is true, should police arrest the neighbor?

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19 Responses to “Dory The Pitbull Shot In The Face, Police Won’t Press Charges For Shooting Therapy Dog”

  1. Ellie Troup

    of course the dumbass po pos wont do anything.. if it was any other dog the cops probably would have but since its a pit they wont.. people that blame animals for the way they act are completely clueless.. its not the damn animal its the people that train it.. this shit is getting so old

  2. Trisha Augustyniak Quisay

    Actually no, the owner never asked for donations… she only asked to spread her story to have the neighbor charged and arrested with animal cruelty

  3. Kristin Alexandra Muntz

    Nope, they are not accepting money.
    A direct quote from the owner: "I have paid all of dory's that bills. I have paid for dory's expenses of special feed and I have pay for our moving expenses. I have stressed to anyone who has offered to financially help Dory that I would like for anyone Who wants to do this to make a donation to the ASPCA of Central Mississippi in dory's name."

  4. Julie Keller

    Actually there is a donation fund set up at I read the owners statement that she has paid all vet bills, I I inquired about the donations. The admin from Dory's justice responded that the owner is asking that all money raised go to SPCA …

  5. Jessica Blossick

    Why don't you do some research before you comment and make yourself look stupid David Orth. The owner is not accepting donations, all the money raised she wants sent to ASPCA. All that's being asked is for awareness and justice in the matter.

  6. Dave Kool

    After doing some investigating I find this story extremely hard to believe. Where are the vet bills? Why was this story not picked up by any mainstream news outlets? I don't know Mississippi law, but I have to ask, how could someone discharge a firearm within city limits and not face any criminal charges? How is this a civil matter? Again, I'm no ballistics expert but don't you think that if this dog was shot THREE TIMES at point blank range with a .38 loaded with hollow points that the dog would have no head? Hollow point bullets are designed to expand on impact, causing greater trauma and internal damage, yet the alleged image of Dory's mouth shows some chipped teeth and a little bit of blood, not nearly the amount of physical trauma one would expect from a point blank shooting, and the complete lack of powder burns is highly suspicious. Looking at the "official" and HEAVILY REDACTED police report on the indiegogo page (Did the above story not just say there was no police report?) it lists the handgun as a "lever action" Smith and Wesson .38 special with .38 ACP, .38 Super ammunition. First of all there is no such thing as a modern "lever action" handgun, so if that was the type of pistol used it would have had to have been from roughly the 1890's. I also have to ask, which caliber is it, .38 ACP or .38 Super? A police report, unless written by someone with no knowledge of firearms would not have such glaring errors. Everything about this story is highly suspicious. Even the indiegogo page itself states, and I quote: "Because of the constant harassment, threats and accusations of fraud we are going to stop the donations (I am trying to figure out how) and donate it to the aspca per Christinas request" end quote. If this story were factual don't you think "Cristina" would post evidence to that effect and continue to fight for Dory? Why are there no images of the dog in recovery? All we have are some spurious pictures of a Pit Bull, some metal fragments, and a closeup of a dog's mouth. Now I know I'm going to get flak for even posting this, but people, before you blindly believe stories like this and donate money to them, do some research first! You don't have to be a former Private Investigator to see that this whole thing stinks to high heaven of potential fraud. If I'm proven wrong I'll admit it, but so far absolutely NO concrete evidence has come forward to prove this story is anything but a fabrication.

  7. Joanne Tichborne

    If this is true, then that person should be charged and locked away. I had a pitbull and this dog looks a lot like mine, God rest his beautiful soul! We are supposed to judge people individually. Why can't pitbull's be judged that way as well. Sounds like a stupid redneck drunk to me!

  8. Miriam Barattoni

    yeah, me too. In fact I searched if it was a metropolitan legend of some kind after reading about it on the internet. All of it sound fake.. no specific date, time, name of owner, name of vet, etc. No newspaper would need any donation or collection of signs to swarm like bees on a juicy story like this one….

  9. Sally Holmgren

    The people of Biloxi should be concerned that thier police don't seem to be doing much of a job keeping dangerous people in check. A drunk running around with a gun is clearly a public danger. Sounds like the police are protecting this guy rather than the people of Biloxi. Assuming this is a true story, I doubt we have heard the last of this guy.

  10. Zeke E. Doo

    I cant believe this man was not arrested..what if his inbred dumb hick wife decides she don't like her neighbors kids?I guess when children are dead it will get attention…

  11. Jesse Mills

    I have a hard time believing this for several reasons. Trespassing is a crime. Dischargeing a firearm in a residential area is a crime. Discharging a firearm while under the influence is a crime. And the lack of evidence to support said happenings make me skeptical.

  12. Sandy Klocinski

    I don't know if this is true or not but I will say I have heard of MANY cases of pit bulls and other dogs being shot in the head and doing remarkably well. At least three dogs have been reported in the news after they saved their owners, and were shot as a result, and had minor injuries after the bullet(s) ricocheted off their skull. I say a story of a dog named Buck shot in the face with bird shot and left to die, and, remarkably, a dog found tied to a bench near a vets office one morning sitting in a pool of his own blood, with a gaping wound in the back of his neck from someone putting a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger. He is expected to make a full recovery if the wire in his jaw holds. I don't know the extent of this dogs injuries, or the way he was allegedly shot, but I heard his jaw was shattered as well, and basically his mouth was devastated, and the jaw also required a wire. Don't know if the story is true, but I dogs are very resilient creatures.
    I so hope this isn't real.

  13. Sandy Klocinski

    So I actually called the Sheriffs Office, and obviously something happened. I asked if they had been getting a lot of calls about Dory, and she said they had for a while there. I guess reception was bad, but she said the records department had the records, so she transferred me but then my phone died. I'm calling again soon.

  14. Maureen McAllister

    Miriam Barattoni ..actually I believe this did happen or something like this could happen. 38 dogs where seized from a drug bust .. the dogs literally had to fight against each other for there lives .. the police where having a hard time charging the man for animal abuse because of the law in the state .

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