dory the pitbull shot in the face police wont press charges

Dory The Pitbull Shot In The Face, Police Won’t Press Charges For Shooting Therapy Dog

Dory the pitbull was allegedly shot in the face earlier this month and the police won’t press charges. The source claims police are also denying all knowledge of the shooting and failed to even file a report.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, this isn’t the first time pitbulls have made headlines going against the grain of their stereotypical image, and cases of cruelty against pitbulls seem to happen quite often.

News sources are nearly nonexistent for Dory the pitbull but according to the available information, the Biloxi, Mississippi dog owner’s drunken neighbor trespassed onto their property with a gun and shot the pitbull in the face three times at pointblank range. The dog was allegedly so non-aggressive it came to the neighbor’s call and the owner claims Dory the pitbull is registered as a K9 good citizen, as well as being a certified therapy dog that visits senior citizens at the hospital.

The story continues by saying the police office who responded to the call refused to file a report, giving the excuse that it was a civil matter. The owners of Dory the pitbull have started an indiegogo campaign, as well as initiated a petition at

According to the source, the vet is more than willing to testify to Dory the pitbull being shot in the face, but evidence remains slim. The owner has gone silent, police have taken no action (though that is the accusation of the owners as well) and evidence from the vet’s office hasn’t surfaced. However, a case number was posted online along with a picture of an affidavit that may be referring to the incident. But the several suspicious occurrences since the story broke suggest that it might just be a hoax. In any case, news about Dory the pitbull being shot in the face is spreading across Facebook and other social media.

Only time will tell whether Dory the pitbull was actually shot in the face or not, but in the mean time, pitbull owners: be wary of drunken neighbors with guns.

The Pit Bull Stigma

If the story of Dory the pitbull being shot in the face is true, should police arrest the neighbor?