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Tamiko Bolton Marries George Soros On Saturday, Will Testify Against His Ex-Mistress On Friday

Tamiko Bolton Marries George Soros On Saturday, Will Testify Against His Ex-Mistress On Friday

Tamiko Bolton has all of a few days to enjoy her wedding to billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros before she’ll be dragged into court on his behalf.

The newest Mrs. Soros is set to testify for her new husband in a lawsuit brought about by one of his former lovers. After a posh wedding and reception, Bolton has just five days before she’s scheduled to testify.

The two married Saturday at Soros’ estate in Bedford, New York. The ceremony was officiated by Kimba Wood, a federal judge, and was followed by a reception at a nearby arts center with more than 500 people in attendance. Some of the big-name guests included Hendrik Toomas Ilves, president of Estonia; Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of Liberia; and Edi Rama, prime minister of Albania.

Soros is a longtime support of Congressional Democrats, and many of them also turned up to his wedding, including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The wedding was actually part of a three-day block of festivities that kicked off Friday with a reception at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan for a preview of the new exhibit: “Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926-1938.”Tamika Bolton was raised in California and graduated from the University of Utah (she also has an MBA from the University of Miami). She now works as a consultant and entrepreneur, starting an internet-based diet and vitamin sales company. She also advised on the recent development of a web-based yoga instructional platform.Bolton met George Soros at a dinner party in 2008, and the two got engaged in August 2012.The court date later this week comes from George’s squabble with an old lover. George once promised the woman, Adriana Ferreyr, that he would give her a $1.9 million apartment but gave it to Bolton instead when they started dating.Ferreyr is now taking Soros to court, suing him for $50 million. Tamika Bolton is schedule to make a deposition on Friday.

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3 Responses to “Tamiko Bolton Marries George Soros On Saturday, Will Testify Against His Ex-Mistress On Friday”

  1. Al Horvath

    I know Soros from Budapest Hungary 1944 -2nd world war i saw him running around bear feet, sheathe shorts and pointing with his finger to German ss/ gestapo where Jews are hiding [to save his own ass] after gestapos round it up the Jews him & his father went and looted there gold,diamonds & valuable paintings, stash them away until war is ended after 1947 Communist installed Iron curtain build the Berlin wall Eastern Europe went totally under Stalin's rule and Tyranny any body stud up against them was shot or send to labor camp in Siberia USSR never seeing there home land! George Soros and his Father bough there way with stolen gold to be influential Communist Party members they oppressed jailed all rich people confiscated all Businesses and all farms in to government control everything belonged to people of the country theta was under ,Communist Stalin s control After 1956 Hungarian Revolution Soros went to Germany then to England with stolen gold diamonds, paintings in England he manipulated the English Pond he made Millions After English government fund out he bought hes way to America and joined the Communist Party fore years he was active and financed communist cost until he discovered Muslim Communist none citizen born in Kenya Africa to one American citizen parent Barack Husein Obama to gather they will destroy America George Soros,Barack Husein Obama's agenda is Socialist Communist America first Obama care,Tax every bothy to death, confiscate all guns bring businesses to there knees ,massive lay offs hi unemployment more government employees unions sucking our blood then nationalizes all privet industry, worthless Dollar, lack of food supply,hi gasoline prices soup kitchens ,riots ,burning looting killings then Obama will declare Marshall law and home land security will eliminate half of white Christine population if not all so Muslims can take over Obama will be President fore life God Help Us Save America From Muslim , Communist Tyranny and one world order

  2. Angel Nova

    Can you imagine sleeping with a wrinkly old man who cannot even do it with viagra and stinks like a really old man? That must be hell. Gold diggers will kill for money.

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