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Kieran Romney: Mitt Romney’s New Black Grandson’s Name Means ‘Black’

Kieren Romney: Mitt Romney's New Black Grandson's Name Means 'Black'

Kieran Romney is the newest grandchild for former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and the adopted baby boy has a pretty descriptive name.

Mitt didn’t actually say which once of his children adopted the boy, but he did tweet a picture of the baby being held by Andelynne Romney, the wife of his son Ben Romney.

There seems to be an interesting bit of irony with the boy’s name. The name they picked for the dark-skinned young boy, Kieran comes from the Gaelic name which literally means “black.”

Little Kieran Romney also aseemed to confuse his grandfather a bit. In sending out the tweet announcing his birth, Mitt proudly stated that Kieran is his 22nd grandchild.

The problem is that Mitt said the same thing for his last grandchild. Romney’s son Josh and his wife Jen gave birth to a little boy this summer — born the same day as royal baby Prince George — prompting Mitt to send a proud tweet welcoming grandchild “#22″.

So which grandchild is Kieran Romney? Politico did a bit of digging and found that Mitt and Ann Romney had grandkids No. 17 and No. 18 during the 2012 presidential election season, when their son Tagg and his wife Jennifer welcomed twins via surrogate.

The count rose again early this year thanks to another set of twins. The Romneys welcomed No. 19 and No. 20 in February, when son Craig’s wife Mary gave birth to twins.

So by process of elimination, little Kieran Romney would actually be grandchild No. 22 for Mitt Romney, though he can be forgiven for losing track.

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51 Responses to “Kieran Romney: Mitt Romney’s New Black Grandson’s Name Means ‘Black’”

  1. Kieran O'Neil

    Means small dark child thats the media trying to slander Romney and label him as something it comes from the 13th century

  2. Anonymous

    Mitt can't seem to do anything right, or is he so out of touch with reality. You gotta have balls to name your grandson black james.

  3. Anita Wills

    It is a beautiful name whether it means dark or black and he is a beautiful little boy. There is nothing negative in black like the media is trying to imply.

  4. Anonymous

    My son's name is Kieran. Its a biblical name. Kieran was John's protege. This article was written to illicit racism where there is none to be found. Disgraceful.

  5. Azita Toucourt

    Anything to take attention away from what is being done in the WH….Seriously the liberal kiss ass press should focus on what's really important like for example the fact that adoption is a worthy cause!

  6. Ann Smith

    I did not vote for Mitt, but the color of his grandchild makes no difference. We have 7 grandchildren and get mixed-up at times.

  7. Carol DeRenzo Pearson

    Azita Toucourt okay, now Romney isn't against Obama, he's helping? Quit grasping at straws, trying to cause trouble and dissension.

  8. Susan Charlene

    Wait a second. According to Obama and his cronies, mitt hates blacks and other minorities and wants to hold them down. How can they have adopted a dark skinned child when all they are going tomdois hate on him and hold him down?

  9. Leslie Napolitano

    Leave it to the disgusting liberal media to attempt to turn this into a racial issue. This is an old biblical name. SHAME ON THE MEDIA FOR BEING SO SHALLOW AND TRYING TO INSTIGATE A PROBLEM WHERE ALL THERE IS IS LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE!

  10. Leslie Napolitano

    Thank you. So much ignorance. This name truly has a biblical origin. And anyone who knows anything about the rest of the world can tell it's Irish/Gaelic.

  11. Anonymous

    Sorry, but the name Kieran doesn't appear anywhere in the bible. Try again.

  12. Anonymous

    mccormj87 If they're black kids named Ebony by white people, you bet your arse that would be racist.

  13. Anonymous

    Leslie Napolitano The name Kieran does not appear anywhere in the bible. Being the name of a saint does not make something "biblical", it just makes it religious. Regardless, the name still means "black" and is a pretty messed up name for white people to give a black baby. Look at it this way, would it be OK if they'd named the kid "N*gger"? After all, that word is really just Latin for black, so it should be fine, right?

  14. Cherly E. Nicholson

    @Ray Abney: If that is your actual photo, you look too old to make such a stupid comment. BTW, that is such a cute little baby boy. I hope little Kiernan is loved and accepted by his new family. He is blessed to be adopted by such a loving successful family. May God continue to bless him.

  15. Regina James

    Azita Toucourt Maybe for the person on the receiving end, which I think is a selfish thought! What about the mother who had to give the child away? It has to feel bad to give away your own, nothing beautiful about that! I knew a lady who gave away twins and she told me the only reason she gave them away is because she could not afford the children at the time and was getting ready to become evicted! Maybe if these parents are given economical opportunities, they would not have need to give a child away. And I think it is selfish for some women to think they can go adopt the WORLD, but can barely rear their own correctly. I feel for people who can't have kids but maybe that is God's way of telling you no! Furthermore, this woman looks like she has a daughter already so I definitely can't feel sorry for her! Why couldn't she just adopt a Caucasian child? Hmmmmm…….? And just because this child seem to have financial advantage now, does not mean he will be taught correctly, Since all the conservatives hate black people so much, they need not try to look politically correct just to make others say they are good people! NOT! LOL!

  16. Brenda J-Yazd

    Seriously people, please do not do this. This child is going to be thankful that someone, anyone care enough to adopt him. I worked with foster children and children want someone to love them and if he is getting that, this is not about politics, it is about the love of a child. Please do not make everything political. Romney was not my favorite candidate but he was honorable is a lot of ways. He ruined it for me when he commented on the 47% but this child has nothing to do with that. He is a child for God sake, stop this!!!

  17. Dave Kinser

    It doesn't appear anywhere in the Bible, no matter how many times you claim that it does. Sorry, but reality doesn't work that way.

  18. Merrie Voigt

    Azita Toucourt If those are the articles you want to read then change your searches. There's POLITICO, Times, etc.. You just have to have the fortitude.

  19. Tim Doggstein

    Say what you want about Mitt Romney, most of us would love to have been born into that family.

  20. Monika Golden

    he was not born into the family and more then likely he was adopted from another country…there are plenty of children right here in the USA that need adopting, so they really need to stop all this overseas adopting and take care of Americans first…

  21. Lois Lynn Kingsbury

    My grandparents can hardly remember how many grandkids they have.. It's pretty normal when you get older and have a big family. The baby is beautiful with a beautiful name and is so lucky to have found a great family… Quit race baiting!

  22. Kay Jay

    So is this supposed to help him with the 47% or become a true son of Detroit?

    And For the liberal bashers remember George Bush Jr. era got us in debt not Obama's Vacations

  23. Tracy Redlin Unnasch

    Dear Writer, How good of you to have such a forgiving attitude about the dastardly sin of losing track of #22 and #23. Unthinkabe.

  24. Tracy Redlin Unnasch

    Regina James, I'm not sure where you get the idea that all conservatives hate black people. That's what is FED you by men such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. If they ever gave up stirring up trouble with lies, they'd be out of jobs. Am I right? I teach at a parochial school in Milwaukee where we have whites, Hispanics of all kinds, Poles, Irish — and blacks. We love them all the same and, furthermore, we go out of our way to push and encourage, and show our love for 'minorities', especially those from difficult family situations. I'm sorry you believe as you do, but I understand that I can't convince you otherwise.

  25. Jolene Blow

    Wow, I'm glad he didn't win now. What's this trendy thing with adopting black babies?

  26. Jolene Blow

    Right, the 47% thing — because you weren't going to vote for the black guy anyway. /end sarcasm
    Because you weren't involved in politics before the black guy got involved anyway.

  27. Jolene Blow

    Yes, leonardvaldez, Mitt himself named the child black because he hates black people. Why are you brown people and liberals so fvcking stupid?

  28. Jolene Blow

    teufelaffe you're a sicko. You have evil white racists under your bed, don't you, you fvcking white-hating racist piece of shit making this an issue. You fvcking moron.

  29. Elle Gilbert

    mccormj87 Some people will NEVER get it. Either because they won't or can't.

  30. Levon DeMarquis Valle

    "Kieran" is a common Gaelic name referencing a person in Irish folk legend. Derp for the idiots who even attempted to incite racism from this. I'm also curious about whether the child was even named by the people who adopted him.

  31. Levernier Kathy

    Darling Beautiful Child who clearly is ~Smiling~ & is being Loved & taken cared of in a loving environment You have NO IDEA WHERE HE was adopted from*SO* Just STOP with the evil comments that the childs adoption was from here or there or where ever..It is NO one business is it?? it may have been right here. Be a decent person Respect the Fact they opened their Home & lives to a Child in need. WOW. Kindness to you fellow people comes back to you.

  32. Kat Wolfdancer

    Actually the color Black is DUIB. Keiran means "dark visaged" or "little dark one" NOT "Black One"

  33. Rodney Levenduski

    Adoption is great and the color should not be important but: Is this the Romney son who said the boys would not fight for the U.S. because they are more important at home to make money?

  34. Tyler Hackworth

    teufelaffe "Black" in a Medieval Irish context has absolutely nothing to do with race. It's a descriptive name often given to people with black hair or darker skin (which in Ireland means slightly tanned). It has never been a derogatory term and has no parallels with any other derogatory term, no matter how much your knee-jerk race-baiting mind wants it to be.

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