Melissa Etheridge now dating former “Best Man” Linda Wallem

Singer Melissa Etheridge has a new chick, three months after splitting from wife Tammy Etheridge.

A source reportedly close to the couple said that Etheridge and Linda Wallem are in an exclusive relationship:

“Melissa and Linda have been best friends for over 10 years. They got together three months after Melissa and Tammy broke up. (They) are in a committed relationship. They’re happy.”

After the story hit gossip pages, Etheridge’s ex (née Tammy Michaels) posted on her blog painting a slightly different view of the circulated story. Tammy writes in a kind of stream of consciousness/poem-style, and says the affair was underway while she and Etheridge still lived together with their twin toddlers:

i want to clarify without dealing with getting sued for SLANDER (and paying someone), which would include me saying that the two were involved while I was living there (it is still my house, by the way). and i haven’t gone just that far yet.

since april of 09? mmm…. one of my little sweet peas told me otherwise much earlier than that… they should have shut the bedroom door.

Wallem produces the Showtime drama Nurse Jackie.