Tom Hiddleston going from spandex to cape and sword for The hOllow Crown

Tom Hiddleston Goes From Villain To King In ‘The Hollow Crown’ [Video]

British actor Tom Hiddleston (Thor, The Avengers, War Horse) is switching from spandex to cape and sword in the PBS production The Hollow Crown.

PBS is airing the piece as part of their “Great Performances”. The new series is the adaptation of four Shakespeare plays. Hiddleston will portray England’s King Henry V.

The ambitious undertaking includes the classic plays Richard III, Henry IV (Parts 1 and 2), and Henry V. The show will offer a view into the rise and fall of the dynasties that shaped England’s history.

Hiddleston will be introduced as Hal, the son of Henry IV and then he will move into the portrayal of the haunted King, who is left to deal with his father’s misgivings and face the French in battle.

This will be the first time these plays will be seen on PBS since the BBC Shakespeare Plays were presented on the public television station in the early 1980s.

Tom Hiddleston is going back to his roots with this role, he is Shakespearean through and through and says he sees the famous playwright present in all his roles,

“There’s nothing about human nature Shakespeare doesn’t understand. So a character like Loki, who I greatly enjoy playing, is in many ways a very Shakespearian villain.”

The thespian has become known as much for his classic roles as for the modern ones and he has an eclectic collection to his name at the young age of 32-years-old.

PBS is jokingly calling the project “the real life Game Of Thrones“, due to all the deadly sins portrayed by the ruthless English rulers.

Tom Hiddleston as Henry V

Hiddleston is excited at the opportunity calling it “wonderful” and will have a prominent role in the last three parts beginning with his portrayal of Prince Hal.

“I’m Prince Hal, a completely irresponsible boy who grows into the greatest warrior king in English history.”

But there is much more than that for the talented actor who adds, “It’s a drama about a father and son. That’s the part that anyone with a beating heart can relate to.”

Tom Hiddleston recognizes that the best thing about Shakespeare is that all experiences are different, but nothing tops reading the most popular English author of all time.

The Hollow Crown airs on September 20, 27 and October 4, 11 on PBS. Tom Hiddleston is featured in the last three episodes, first as Prince Hal, son of Henry IV and in the last episode as Henry V.

Tom Hiddleston in The Hollow Crown