Liam Hemsworth moving out of home he shared with ex Miley Cyrus, report.

Liam Hemsworth Moving Out Of Home He Shared With Ex Miley Cyrus, Report

Liam Hemsworth is ready to move on with his life after the announcement that his and Miley Cyrus’ engagement is off. The Aussie is moving out of the home he shared with his now ex-fiancee.

According to some media reports, at the time of the now infamous twerking episode at the MTV VMAs in August, things were already over and he had begun moving his things out.

Zap2it is reporting that while the former Disney star was in Europe promoting her new album Bangerz, Liam was moving out of the Toluca Lake, California home the couple shared.

The 23-year-old actor is now living close to his gym in West Hollywood, a Los Angeles suburb according to the same report.

For all intents and purposes, the relationship has been over for months, the last time the couple was seen together was for the premiere of Liam Hemsworth’s latest film Paranoia.

At the time, their body language spoke volumes on the state of their engagement. Those who saw Liam and Miley together said they looked cold and distant with each other, barely touching.

There is no way of knowing, for now at least, if in fact the relationship was done at that point, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it was.

A source tells Life And Style Magazine Liam had been begging Miley to make the announcement that they were over all summer.

As it is, the official report that the couple was indeed over only came this past Monday after months of speculation that there were problems for the pair.

Eiza GonzalezEiza Gonazlez via Twitter.

The rumors intensified after Miley Cyrus’ jaw dropping performance at the VMAs during which she danced suggestively (twerked) with the much older Robin Thicke.

Hemsworth seems to have no problems moving on. He has been seen out on the town with Mexican actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez and the two were actually spotted kissing on Tuesday. She posted a list of attributes she is looking for in a guy. Take note, Liam.

We can report she is currently not following Liam on Twitter, though she seems to be an avid user.

An Aussie who is extremely close to Liam’s family said he told Miley Cyrus he was considering moving back to Australia for a time.

From the turn of events, it appears that Liam Hemsworth had left the official announcement up to Miley since her rep was the one who confirmed the news on Monday, and, now that it’s official, he is ready to start a new chapter in his life — hopefully with less drama.