Ottawa Bus Crash

Ottawa Bus Crash Kills Six

An Ottawa bus crash has killed six people and injured dozens. The double-decker bus collided with a train early Wednesday morning. The driver of the bus was reportedly killed in the impact.

Anthony Di Monte, with the Ottawa Paramedic Service, says around 10 people remain in critical condition. Authorities report that the critically injured and deceased were all riding on the bus.

Witnesses report the bus hit the train at the intersection of Woodroffe Avenue and Fallowfield Road. The impact caused the train to derail.

As reported by CNN, the front end of the bus was nearly destroyed. The National Transportation Safety Board responded to the scene to investigate.

Tanner Trepanier was a passenger on the bus. He was thankful to survive the Ottawa bus crash.

Trepanier says he and his fellow passengers saw the train speeding toward the intersection. They asked the bus driver to stop. However, he reportedly ignored their pleas.

Bus passenger Gregory Mech also survived the crash. Mech says the intersection is on an angle, making visibility difficult.

As reported by The Guardian, the crossing barriers were down and the lights were flashing when the bus barreled through the intersection.

Rebbecca Guilbeault was riding the bus with her 1-year-old son. Guilbeault says the driver may have “blacked out” before reaching the intersection. She and her son survived the crash without serious injury.

Police Chief Charles Bordeleau says it is too early to determine the cause of the accident.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson expressed his condolences. He asks the community to pray for the victims, their families, and emergency personnel.

Witnesses describe a gruesome scene. Debris and bodies were scattered throughout the intersection and along the tracks. Several victims were dismembered in the impact.

The Ottawa bus crash was devastating for everyone involved. As authorities continue their investigation, the cause remains unknown.

[Image via Wikimedia]