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Man Jailed For Attacking Mosque With Mysterious Package (It Was Full Of Bacon)

Wayne Stilwell of Edinburgh threw a box full of bacon into a Mosque will full knowledge beforehand that Muslims regard pork products as unclean.

The 25-year-old has been sentenced to 10 months after his “hate crime attack” on the Central Mosque in Scotland back in January. He was captured on security cameras wrapping bacon on the door handles of the Mosque (trapping Muslims inside?) and then opening the door to throw in a box full of the stuff.

A Edinburgh Sheriff Court, Stilwell pleaded guilty to a “breach of the peace,” and his lawyer said that he was sorry for what he had done. Still, Sheriff Gordon Liddle felt he had no other recourse but to punish Stilwell for his “grossly offensive” crime.

“A custodial sentence is inevitable,” he said, sentencing Stilwell to 10 months in prison.

For his part, Stilwell understood that throwing bacon into the presence of Muslims for the sake of it is kind of a jerk move, apologized to those he had offended, and accepted his prison sentence.

Folks across the pond are pretty touchy about Muslims and bacon right now.

Officials at the Ninestiles School in Birmingham apologized to a Muslim teacher who was accidentally served a sandwich that contained bacon (she thought it was halal chicken) in July.

“I felt physically repulsed, terribly upset. I had never eaten pork before and couldn’t believe I was eating it by mistake at school,” she said.

Around 50 percent of the school’s student population are ethnic minorities and many of them Muslim. The teacher in question believes that she wasn’t the only one who broke sacred Islamic dietary laws.

”This means pupils were therefore not only given non-halal chicken, but were also given bacon, a meat that is clearly forbidden in Islam and is not supposed to be anywhere near the lips of a Muslim,” she said.

Of course, if Muslims ingest forbidden foods by accident, they have committed no sin. Still, the teacher was so incensed that she quit.

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