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Xbox One VS PlayStation 4: Game Developers Say It’s A Draw

Xbox One VS PlayStation 4: Game Developers Say It's A Draw

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 is on the minds of many gamers as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release date draws near.

As previously reported The Inquisitr, some of the writers here believe round one in the Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 matchup resulted in a fatality, with the PS4 knocking the Xbone into the pit.

A comparison on the basis of gaming bundles is interesting. The Xbox One $100 price difference over the PlayStation 4 is significant. The addition of the Kinect 2.0 seems to be the only major significant cost that Microsoft can cite, but to put this in perspective the PlayStation 4 Camera bundle also is priced exactly the same as the Xbox One. They both come with a camera system, one controller, and a game. Although, it can be argued the PS4’s Killzone bundle is better than having Fifa soccer if you’re not a sports gaming fan.

But a Xbox One, PlayStation 4 hardware comparison is not so simple. While many of the components are the same and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One System On a Chip are both designed by AMD, otherwise there are marked differences in design. Just in raw specifications the PlayStation 4 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) should be markedly faster, with one anonymous game developer claiming the PlayStation 4 is 50 percent faster than the Xbox One. But other earlier tests claimed closer to a 20 to 24 percent advantage for the PlayStation 4.

But that tends to oversimplify the Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 battle. Because of its high speed embedded cache and storage, the Xbox One hardware design has an edge when it comes to low latency, which can affect graphics rendering although the CPU is affected the most. For example, on the PC side the popular game Skyrim is CPU bottlenecked even if you increase the GPU’s load by manually editing settings files to increase the graphics effects way beyond the maximum settings made available by Bethseda. Consoles tend to not have as much CPU overhead compared to PCs due to games being coded for their static hardware, but it’s still a factor.

On the other hand, the PlayStation 4 hardware has a definite edge when it comes to the overall potential shader operations it can perform as well as overall internal bandwidth, which is very important when it comes to shadow mapping techniques and most other shader operations. Earlier reports said the PlayStation 4 supported AMD hUMA, which would have partially taken away part of the Xbox One’s advantage in the area of memory latency, but that turns out to be a big “maybe” and even then both consoles would likely share the AMD feature.

In the end, legendary game developer John Carmack seems to think the Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 is too close to call. When talking about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, John Carmack said they are both “very close” and “very good.” John Carmack is the id Software technical director responsible for Doom and Quake. Many other games use the game engines and graphics effects he had a hand in inventing. So when John Carmack says he feels the two gaming consoles bring essentially the same capabilities to developers, it’s probably wise to believe him.

Still, the hardware difference between the two consoles is nothing to sneeze at. The performance gap between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One GPUs can be likened to two Wii U consoles. But that doesn’t mean game developers will face the same situation as seen with the Xbox 360/PS3 and original Wii, where many games couldn’t be practically ported to the Wii due to hardware differences. To summarize, both system’s games will be about the same but there will be a difference in precision.

At the most, while the PlayStation 4 has the capability to have better graphics than Xbox One games, it’s likely to be in the form of higher resolution shadow maps and low end settings of AMD’s High Definition Ambient Occlusion (HDAO), or perhaps SSAO. Except for games exclusive to the PlayStation 4, game developers are unlikely to spend too much time creating effects and art assets only for the PS4 port of a game. But even the mighty PlayStation 4 GPU would be brought to its knees by high level HDAO and graphics effects like interactive indirect illumination brought to the table with voxel cone tracing.

As a comparison, the Unreal 4 Engine Samaritan tech demo needed 2.5 TeraFLOPS, which is about the equivalent of a Nvidia GTX 680, while both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are “only” capable of 1.25 and 1.84 TeraFLOPS, respectively.

Who do you think wins the Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 matchup?

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41 Responses to “Xbox One VS PlayStation 4: Game Developers Say It’s A Draw”

  1. Louie Shizznezz

    First they where saying the ps4 is 25%, then 50% now its a draw I wanna know who this anonymous developer is

  2. Cj Fitzsimmons

    Notice not one dev has said the xb1 is faster.. i agree that the speculation is a bit over done and having preordered a ps4 myself im slightly biased but with every other report not saying the xb is faster, one has to wonder…

  3. Dexter Rivens

    Either you want shader tech or and overal lower latency with two things running at once vs one running and the other paused.

  4. Jan Sebastian Hole

    that is because people are swallowing everything good that is said about Ps4… and most of the people saying the ps4 is 50 % stronger is almost Always Ananomys… makes you wonder :) i think maybe the ps4 is a bit hyped… dont get me wrong its probobly a good system, but people are underestimating the X1 😛

  5. Matthew Bryant

    DDR3 is NOT better for graphic rendering. Not even a little bit. There's a reason why NVidia and AMD use GDDR5 in their video cards. It's not because it's worse for graphic rendering. Why are you writing on article about things you don't understand? Low latency RAM is great for multitasking. Games consoles won't be multitasking very much. They'll mostly be playing games and running a couple background applications at most. The Xbox One will be slightly faster at switching between applications. The PS4 will have a considerable advantage when it comes to graphics in general. Primarily when it comes to texture streaming, LOD, and reflections. The Xbox One will switch to the OS faster.

  6. Matthew Bryant

    Also, why is the article title contain the words "game developers" when it should say "game developer". A game developer who is not currently working on any PS4 or Xbox One games, has done no benchmark testing on either platform, and only knows the specifications at that. He also stated he hasn't look at either system in depth at all. So why exactly are we taking his word over the other developers who have stated that the PS4 is more powerful, 50% more powerful, and are working on multi-platform titles, have done benchmark testing on both consoles, and have looked in depth at both consoles? The PS4 is more powerful. Considerably more powerful. It's obvious by your hardware explanation that you have no idea what you're talking about. At all. Not to mention your grammar is horrid.

  7. Matthew Bryant

    Jan Sebastian Hole We've known the PS4 has about 40% more powerful hardware for 6 months now. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Why wouldn't we believe the PS4 is more powerful? Microsoft has done nothing to prove otherwise and multiple developers have confirmed what we've thought for months. This isn't a conspiracy theory. This is pretty much common sense.

  8. Matthew Bryant

    GDDR5 is easily low enough latency to handle the small amount of multitasking that will be required form consoles. Experts in the field have already stated as much, multiple times. DDR3 would be great if the PS4 was a PC, but it isn't. It won't have 20 browser windows, a music player, a game, and a chat program open at the same time. This is a non-issue, and your grammar is atrocious. Also, shader tech? What are you talking about? GDDR5 just gives you a lot more bandwidth, but the GPU is what affects pixel shading. The PS4 does have a better GPU, but the amount of shaders has absolutely nothing to do with the type of RAM you're using or its latency.

  9. Matthew Bryant

    John Carmack made that statement over a month ago. He isn't developing for either console, he hasn't done any benchmarks on either console, and he admitted that he hasn't even looked in depth at either console. He was making a reference to the fact that their architectures are similar, but people seem to be pretending he was talking about power and that he has any idea about the details of either console anyway. It's nonsense. The PS4 is likely 50% more powerful right now. That is the most recent claim, and it's been mirrored twice now. Not to mention that the hardware is known to be 40% more powerful regardless, and you can't change that now.

  10. Paul Lind

    I think the hardware guy's a.k.a Microsoft has the upper hand because the are being quite about the insides of the xbox one

  11. Jan Sebastian Hole

    Matthew Bryant Well Major nelson and albert penello went out and said Ms would never give Sony even a 30% advantage.. dont kill me for reading.. and sorry for grammar.. i can see you hate miss spelling 😛

  12. Modern Sage

    Matthew Bryant -Actually, Carmack and the Id crew are currently developing Doom 4 for next gen consoles.and have been for some time; looking forward to it too!

  13. Jan Sebastian Hole

    Matthew Bryant and i have to add this: If you look at the specs on paper.. yes then it would be 40-50% more power.. but you cant just look at the paper with X1… the X1 has Some Custom made chips from Ms , that is specialized and tweeked to fit the X1 perfectly and give it the power it needs.. those chips are not on paper (that i know of ) .. we just have to wait and see

  14. Matthew Tripoli

    Did ms pay you to title your article like that or are u just a fanboy

  15. Joe Gregory

    First off, Sony makes hardware as well, so they too are "hardware guys."

    Second, keeping the hardware under wraps is just a way for them to avoid negative comparisons. Microsoft isn't even confident in their own product, otherwise they wouldn't have cheated at E3.

  16. José Furtado

    "Xbox One hardware design has an edge when it comes to low latency, which tends to affect most graphics rendering"

    Are you serious????

    Since when latency affects graphics rendering? GPUs are extremly latency tolerant, and thats why GDDR5 is used on GFX cards. The latency is no matter for the GPU but the bandwith is way bigger.

    CPU on its hand is affected by latency, but hUMA should be present on PS4 due to that. And there is an AMD engineer claiming it is present on the PS4.

  17. Erik Jacobs

    Hardware guy's? Sony was making Walkmans when Bill gates was still turning Microsoft into the giant it is now. You do know most of Microsoft revenue comes from Office, Windows and other software such as SQL , Exchange, Navision , etc? . The Xbox division is still dwarfed by the software branche.

  18. J.j. Barrington

    Jan Sebastian Hole Specs are available for both consoles, straight from the manufacturers, and those specs say the PS4 is more powerful.

    If there was "more to it," Microsoft wouldn't be sitting quietly. They'd be trying to convince gamers that the two devices were more even.

    Oh… they're doing that. And failing.

  19. Clinton Weyand

    I suppose you are incapable of understanding how horribly idiotic such comments make people look, otherwise you wouldn't have made it.

  20. Tom Spiller

    Matthew Bryant specs yeah it would be 50 percent but real world performance is 20 percent or less

  21. Chris C Olic

    Matthew Bryant no we dont know that, thats numbers thrown around by idiots and one sided devs who arent working wth ms,, if some ahole on neoggaf says its 90% more powerful you would all beilieve it cause sony is your god

  22. Kevin Lindsay

    Um yeah, what Erik said. I think we can all agree Hardware != Software. Now if you want to argue the X1 operating system will give them the upper hand I sight windows vista and Microsoft ME. Whenever Windows makes a new operating system it is always breathtakingly underwhelming.

  23. Kevin Lindsay

    Clinton Weyand The article is title "developers" with an s. Do you see that s, that would mean more than one. Show me the other developer and I will agree with you and not Matt

  24. Gimel Victor

    Jan Sebastian Hole No developer, I repeat, no developer who wants to have a good working relationship with microsoft and want's to continue making money off of them will give their name and company they are working for if they made the comment that the ps4 was 50% stronger. Hence the anonymous status.

  25. Jan Sebastian Hole

    J.j. Barrington there is somthing called a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)… and a insider from Ms told the internet a while back that this is the actual case between AMD and Ms :) because AMD is releasing a new chip at the end of the month , and the cool thing about this is that Albert penello is holding a press conferance 1 or 2 days after that release :) that would be a kick in the balls of sony 😀 but this may or may not be true .. i shure hope it is

  26. Jan Sebastian Hole

    J.j. Barrington And its funny, if Ms realy have told us all the specs.. why do they keep covering the note on the console , that is showing the specs when it is in puplic :)

  27. Clinton Weyand

    Kevin Lindsay So… You're insinuating that the author could actually be a "paid off fanboy" because of a possible grammatical error? It's feasible, but…


  28. Thomas Ryan

    I must commend Matthew Bryant for thoroughly riding out for the PS4. As I kill time looking at the articles I always see his name popping up to defend the PS4 lol . We know which system you hold dear to your heart lol. No one appreciates anonymous Devs, if you believe something put your name on it. With that said…. lets enjoy the Xbox one and PS4 … they each have their strengths and they are both going to do great.

  29. Benjamin Castellanos

    there is a saying: tell me that brag about and I'll tell you what you are lack of… Sony has shout how powerful and great they are, Microsoft is not. Ill be more worried about what Sony is afraid of than MS trusting their product. Just like politics, the dirty politic never win and they are that usually talk trash and brag a lot of how good they are.

  30. Dillon Pietsch

    It's funny, because most of the console fanboys in the comments have absolutely no idea what they're talking about when it comes to "hardware".

  31. Matthew Bryant

    Jan Sebastian Hole It's possible, but Microsoft definitely hasn't done anything to prove that there's anything about the Xbox One that makes up for the hardware power gap. There were the rumors about a dGPU for a while, but Microsoft already said those rumors were false. I just don't understand why people are shouting "No way! Microsoft wouldn't let that happen, so therefore it can't be true!" when logically everything points to it being true right now. You can hold onto hope, and I won't blame you for doing so, but at some point you have to admit to yourself that the PS4 probably is considerably more powerful than the Xbox One. It probably is. That's really all there is to it.

  32. Matthew Bryant

    Jan Sebastian Hole It's possible, but Microsoft definitely hasn't done anything to prove that there's anything about the Xbox One that makes up for the hardware power gap. There were the rumors about a dGPU for a while, but Microsoft already said those rumors were false. I just don't understand why people are shouting "No way! Microsoft wouldn't let that happen, so therefore it can't be true!" when logically everything points to it being true right now. You can hold onto hope, and I won't blame you for doing so, but at some point you have to admit to yourself that the PS4 probably is considerably more powerful than the Xbox One. It probably is. Even Microsoft is making statements like "I don't want to do a comparison of the two consoles…" Of course they don't. Microsoft has basically given up on the hardware battle. We keep hearing that they'll reveal more about it that will bring the consoles closer together, but we've been hearing that for over a month now. So I'll believe it when I see it. Until they can back up their words, they don't mean much. Especially since they never backed up their words with Kinect and they promised gamers they wouldn't ignore the core gamers to chase after the casuals. That didn't work out so well.

  33. Anonymous

    The gaming on these 2 systems will be pretty even, just like this gen and the gen b4 that….the difference will be the on line play, which Xbox has dominated in the past. Ultimately you will have to ask yourself if you are going to use 100 worth of extra features the Xbox is offering via Integrated T.V voice commands Skype calls ect. While a lot of these features are getting slammed by the core gamer, I think the casual and family oriented gamer will be attracted to it a lot like they were with the original Wii

  34. Anonymous

    U guys wont even see the difference between the 2 console so what ever il be buy an xbox because of the game and the controller ps nerver satisfy me sorry

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