Scarlett Johansson Naked Scenes In 'Under The Skin' Originally Didn't Have Alien Seductress

Scarlett Johansson Naked Scenes In ‘Under The Skin’ Originally Didn’t Have Alien Seductress

The Scarlett Johansson naked scene in Under The Skin originally wasn’t what the movie was about.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Scarlett Johansson stunned the red carpet at the Under The Skin premiere.

Scarlett Johansson is engaged to Romain Dauriac, but she apparently didn’t have a problem with full frontal nudity in her new movie. The odd part about this movie is that Scarlett Johansson nude photos became part of an FBI investigation when the selfies were stolen through hacked accounts. Yet now we have Scarlett Johansson flaunting her stuff continuously throughout Under The Skin.

Under The Skin has Scarlett Johansson naked throughout the movie. Scarlett Johansson has four nude scenes and much of the rest of the time is spent in her underwear. The first scene features Scarlett Johansson’s full front nudity and others were shoot in pools.

Scarlett Johansson says the nude scenes were like letting herself go:

“I’m not a nudist by trade, contrary to popular belief…The idea of recognizing all these judgments that I place on myself and letting go of them was sort of a therapy…I didn’t feel judged by anybody else, I was only judging myself, so I just needed to let go of it.”

Interestingly, the Scarlett Johansson nude scenes were originally didn’t feature her as an alien seductress. When Scarlett Johansson first read the screenplay it was about a couple trying to blend into the community. Under the Skin is based on the novel by Michel Faber. Scarlett Johansson says the story was a “very abstract beginning” that slowly morphed into a story about an alien hitchhiker seducing men in Scotland.

What did you think of the Scarlett Johansson naked scenes in Under The Skin?

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