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Woman summons police to force boyfriend to propose

woman calls 911 to force boyfriend to propose

A Chicago woman who realized that her boyfriend would not be proposing to her over the New Year’s holiday as she had hoped came up with a novel solution to try and convince him otherwise- she called the police and told them he was attacking her.

Surprisingly, the incident did not result in a romantic, stroke of midnight proposal and in fact did not endear the woman to police. 40-year-old Ana Perez summoned the cops at 8:30 pm Sunday, claiming the man was “attacking her.” However, when police showed up, she admitted the report was a ruse to frighten the man into popping the question:

“She called 911 to scare him and have the police force him to marry her,’’ according to Grand Central District police Capt. Grand Central District Capt. Ronald Pontecore.

Perez, whose boyfriend was “actually in the process of breaking up with her,” was charged with disorderly conduct. Her poor schmuck of a probably now ex-boyfriend was obviously not charged.


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One Response to “Woman summons police to force boyfriend to propose”

  1. John Zofko III

    I hope she was charged with something akin to calling 911 without a reason. Seems to me she should be at least liable for the time the Officers took to get to her, let alone Fuel for the car, the wear and tear on the car, amongst the time of the 911 call center. She should pay for all of these things because of her "Ruse".

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