'Hostages' is among the new fall shows for CBS in 2013

New Fall Shows On The Lineup For CBS In 2013

New Fall TV shows hit the lineup on CBS in 2013.

As the Fall season hits, new TV shows appear for the major networks like NBC, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

The following is a list of new Fall shows for CBS in 2013:

  • We Are Men – Four single guys live in an apartment complex on a short term, and end up bonding over past speed bumps in love, as the three veterans attempt to show the new guy everything they know about women.
  • Mom – Chuck Lorre’s latest creation is about a newly sober single mom (Anna Faris) trying to raise her two children right as she works as a waitress at a posh restaurant. When her overly critical mom comes along pointing out all her past mistakes, her sobriety is put to the test.
  • Hostages – From famed producer Jerry Bruckheimer comes a high-tension drama about a premier surgeon (Toni Collette) who must deal with her family being taken hostage. The rogue FBI Agent holding them hostage (Dylan McDermott) orders her to assassinate the President when she operates on him.
  • Intelligence – In this new Fall show, a high-tech intelligence operative (Josh Holloway) aided by a supercomputer microchip in his brain has the ability to access anything with a signal, an ability he uses to fight terrorism.
  • The Millers – A recently divorced news reporter is looking forward to living the single life again until his parents interrupt his plans with their own marital issues. Nathan (Will Arnett) is already shocked when his father suddenly leaves his mother after decades, but then his mother decides to move in with him.
  • The Crazy Ones – Robin Williams stars in a workplace comedy about an eccentric advertising genius whose antics would lose him his job if he wasn’t the boss. His daughter Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is his exact opposite and his caretaker, and she might resent him if he wasn’t so brilliant.

The CBS 2013 lineup of new Fall shows is certainly promising to be an interesting one.