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Matt Lauer Blasts Media Over Ann Curry Coverage

Matt Lauer is criticizing media coverage of Ann Curry’s exit from Today. He blames the media for spreading rumors and creating controversy. Curry left the show in 2012, amid rumors that Lauer was to blame.

In the October 2013 issue of Esquire, Lauer defends himself against the rumors. He blames “laziness of the media” for spreading incorrect information.

In June 2012, Curry announced she was terminated from her position as Lauer’s co-host. Lauer admits that her sudden termination was unfair. He also denied any involvement.

Despite his denial, rumors persisted. Lauer’s public criticism of Curry fueled the fire.

As reported by Huffington Post, Lauer “openly complained” about working with Curry. According to colleagues, he “simply didn’t like her.”

Lauer certainly criticized his co-host. However, he was not the only one. As reported by New York Magazine, executive producer Jim Bell and CEO Steve Burke launched the internal campaign for Curry’s removal.

The campaign was reportedly called Operation Bambi.

The plan included a two-year extension of Lauer’s contract and replacing Curry with Savannah Guthrie. Lauer’s decision to extend his contract reportedly “guided everything else” into place. Including Curry’s termination.

The contract included a bonus worth several million.

Following Curry’s termination, Lauer’s popularity continues to decline. He blames negative media coverage for tarnishing his reputation.

Lauer may not have made the decision to fire Curry. However, the Today show audience will not soon forget Curry’s heartbreaking exit.

She tearfully addressed her audience, unable to hold back her emotions. Lauer’s attempts to comfort Curry were awkward at best.

The controversy of Curry’s termination has persisted for 14 months. Matt Lauer’s decision to discuss the incident, once again, underlines the fact that it is still prominent in his mind.

The details of the termination may never be fully known of understood.

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