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Aisha Tyler Talks Infertility On ‘The Talk’ [Video]

Aisha Tyler Fertility

Actress Aisha Tyler opened up about her infertility during a candid interview on The Talk. Tyler fought back tears as she went public with her struggle.

The 42-year and her attorney husband Jeff Tietjens have been trying to start a family, even going so far as to undergo painful and costly in vitro fertilization treatments (IVF).

But the medical procedures didn’t work out, reports The Houston Chronicle. Recently, Tyler decided to halt the treatments, or what she called the “torture” of hormone injections.

The actress explained that she had “some problems with a torturous fallopian tube.” Because of this, it is very difficult for her to get pregnant. But after going through numerous shots, the doctor had bad news.

Tyler revealed that the doctor told her, “Look, based on what we’re seeing here, I just don’t think this is going to happen to you and I think you really need to think about whether you want to spend all this money and go through all this emotional effort and probably still not get pregnant.”

The San Francisco Chronicle notes that, for Aisha Tyler, the hardest part about her infertility has been that she can’t give her husband kids. The actress commented, “The hardest part, I think, is I really love my husband, he’s such a good person and he would be such a great father.”

While “it was better to not go through that torture,” Tyler told her hosts that she still felt awful about it. She told her husband, “I’m sorry that I can’t do this for you, that I can’t give you kids.”

Aisha’s revelation left her co-hosts in tears, but she still insisted she was okay. The actress added that she and her husband will wait a while before they talk about other parenting options.

Tyler stated that she loves “the idea of adoption,” but for now, the wounds surrounding Aisha Tyler’s infertility are too fresh to consider adopting.

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5 Responses to “Aisha Tyler Talks Infertility On ‘The Talk’ [Video]”

  1. Vanessa Lee Knutsen

    When she is able to talk to friends who have adopted, the healing will start. We have one birthed child and (after not being able to have a second child…reason unknown) we went thru local foster care and adopted a child.

  2. Cortney Mulcahy White

    Thank you, Aisha Tyler, for being so brave to talk about this! We struggled with infertility for years and having more people talk about this openly will lift the stigma and shame from an already painful process. When we decided to stop treatments, I could not face the world for quite a while, so I admire your courage to not only talk about it with friends, but on national TV. Adoption was not the right solution to our family-building journey, so we are living child-free and learning to love our lives, even though it wasn't what we planned. You are very wise to take time to heal your heart and soul before plunging into adoption.

  3. Eli Johnson

    Biology waits for no woman. When you wait, and wait, and wait, it lowers your chances. Those are facts. I know you need to be ready, but waiting until the 11th hour and then expecting to get pregnant as easily as a younger woman is delusional. Women need to stop living in a fantasy world about getting pregnant.

    There is no shame in infertility. And there is no shame in not having children. In fact, some people, Ms. Tyler included, probably should not have children. Not every woman is cut out to be a mother. Tyler should focus on her "career." And maybe get a dog or cat and just get on with her life. And for goodness sakes do not adopt. Don't screw up some kids life just to check off an item on your Life To Do list. That's just cruel.

    I personally could not imagine being married to a straight man without children. There is no amount of weed in the world that could prepare me for a life without some sort of buffer from some whiny, high maintenance man. In fact, the thought of not having children as a married woman holds no appeal for me whatsoever.

  4. Amy Sharman Byrd

    When going through this journey, you always feel that you are the only one in the world going through it because it is such a stigma to talk about for some reason. To hear you share your story, while it saddens me for anyone to have this problem, it also makes me realize I am not alone. Thank you so much for having the courage and strength to share your story.

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