Neo-Nazi model airplane bomb seized in Germany

Neo-Nazi Model Airplane Bomb Seized In Germany

A neo-Nazi model airplane bomb was seized in Germany.

German police have seized several model airplanes, one of which was revealed to be a fully functional bomb. The seizure happened at a neo-Nazi meeting place in Southwestern Germany where the plan was apparently to use the model airplanes with bombs in them against left-wing activists, according to prosecutors.

Last week, police in Germany received a tip about the model airplane bombs before they proceeded to raid four suspects’ homes. The plans appeared to be in the early planning stages, but the target was clear enough, said Wolfgang Maier, a spokesman for the Freiburg prosecutor’s office.

The yet-unnamed suspects were investigated, with two of them detained. Only one, a 23-year-old, was arrested and held for suspicion of commissioning the neo-Nazi model airplane bomb. The one who allegedly built the bomb was 42 years old, but he was released on bail. Two others are being investigated for having far-right links.

The one arrested for suspicion had been known for involvement in similar acts. He had once thrown a firework at neo-Nazi opponents, five of which had been diagnosed with “acoustic trauma,” most likely for being too close to the exploding projectile.

The neo-Nazi model airplane bomb could have caused a lot more damage than the firework, it was determined, up to a 100 foot radius. Up to 50 feet from the explosion, the proposed bomb could have seriously injured or killed anyone caught in the blast.

Previous neo-Nazi attacks in Germany added up to around 800 acts of violent crime just last year, and this is only a small percentage of what could be.

Attacks on protesters are nothing new either, as recently a kitten was thrown from a car in North Carolina at animal rights activists, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

The plans, which could have evolved into an attack with the neo-Nazi model airplane bomb could have led to much more injury, had German police not halted them.