ComCast May Offer Low-Cost Broadband, If NBC Merger Is Secured

Comcast really wants to merge with NBC and to make that happen they are attempting to sweeten the deal by sending a letter to the FCC in which they state that they might move forward with plans to roll out low-cost broadband internet access, should the merger be allowed to move forward. Yeah I don’t like the sound of might in their statement either.

ComCast says in their letter that they might provide “some” households with Economy speeds at a cost of just $10 per month, however those users must make under $20,000 per year, so basically be under the poverty level. There would also have to be one child in the home that is in the No Child Left Behind program. Basically people who can’t afford computers can get cheap internet, good going ComCast.

ComCast also mentions in their letter that they would be able to cover an additional 400,000 homes in the next three years as part of their expansion, an increase of just 2.3% in comparison to their current number of households covered.

It’s still unclear if the proposal will be accepted by the FCC. [via Electronista]