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World War 3 Scenario Possible If US Enters Syria

World War 3 Scenario Possible If US Enters Syria

Before I get tweets or comments stating that I am pro-Republican or pro-Democrat and therefore biased, I’d like to state on record that I do not like either party all of the time, I base my opinions off of individual ideas and actions.

It pains me to know that nearly 100,000 people have died in Syria according to UN statistics, and after watching countless videos of the carnage and a VICE documentary on the situation, I’m disgusted. Syria is in turmoil and if the World was not a place based in greed, the US could enter the country, remove Assad, and leave.

However, this is not the case. Between the ulterior motives of some Syrian rebels and the general power and monetary incentive for the US to enter Syria, it is not a good idea that the West involves itself.

If the US enters Syria, the potential for a legitimate World War 3 is there, in the sense that not only would Israel likely involve itself–it is a nuclear-capable country–but Assad does have allies in and out of the region.

President Obama loves to prance around and assure people that an operation in the country would be quick, but the likelihood of that happening is almost non-existent.

One of the facts not frequently mentioned, is the form of Islam practiced among the rebels compared to the military and the Assad regime. Bashar Assad is an Alawite. Alawite’s believe that women should have more rights and that Christian’s should be able to practice in Syria, however, most of the rebels are conservative Muslims.

By no means does this justify the actions that Assad has taken against his own people in Syria but the religions present among the various groups provide a clear picture as to what Syria will be like without Assad.

Chemical Weapons Are Not A Moral “Red Line”

World War 3 Scenario Possible If US Enters SyriaThe notion that Assad must be punished for using chemical weapons is unstable at best. Since when are chemical weapons the “red line” morally? Even without being in the Middle East right now, I’ve seen children with their organs outside of their body and adults dead after their head was literally blown off. All of these things happened within the “international norms” that Obama has referenced. Does this mean that killing people with bombs and guns is a “green line.”

Truly good people in Syria–of which there are millions–are receiving mixed signals from the West. In their eyes–and mine–them being shot at or struck with bombs is OK, which is should not be.

World War 3 A Stretch, But Not By Much

In talks regarding how Syria will respond if the US strikes, Syrian officials have repeatedly stated that World War 3 would ensue. These may be seen as empty threats by some, but Assad is not isolated in his cause and there are many other countries that could become involved if the US enters Syria.

World War 3 Scenario Possible If US Enters SyriaRussia, Iran, and China are all telling the US to stay put and not enter Syria. If either China or Russia involve themselves to go against a US military attack, World War 3 suddenly makes a whole lot of sense considering the power that both countries have.

It is not often that I quote Glenn Beck–of all the media personalities, I come close to hating him most of the time–but as he put it, “We don’t survive” a World War 3 with those military powers involved.

He may very well be correct. Syria is a relatively small country and seems like no big deal, but when two of the World’s strongest armies partner up with Syria and fight the US, anything can happen.

What do you think? Should the US intervene in Syria, and if they do, would a major conflict such as “World War 3″ occur?

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65 Responses to “World War 3 Scenario Possible If US Enters Syria”

  1. Sani Mustapha

    Give us your facts and figures on the less rights of women in conservative Islam and the clause that made Christians to have no right to practice their faith.

  2. Amr Ayman

    I agree with you full-heartedly. Word for word.
    Posted to facebook and reblogged to my wordpress blog: with the following comment:

    World War III May be upon us soon.
    Face the facts and don't run away. If you agree or disagree, let me know why. It sure is crazy, sure is stupid, sure is unfair, sure is a crime, but it is the harsh reality of the truth.

    Allies Vs. WLF (Worldwide Liberation Front).

    Launch: If US enters Syria.

    My speculation:

    Allies + Radical Sunna Islam/Terrorism:
    USA, Israel, Western Europe + Terrorism supporters and USA puppets: Turkey and Qatar (positions of KSA and UAE may be shifting as we speak).

    WLF: Front (Sunna+Shia+Orthodox Church+Free Countries):
    Egypt, Syria, Iran, Russia, Eastern Europe.

    Countries that are a mix of Radical Sunna, Sunna and or Shia WILL suffer from civil war whether by equal countries or terror operations.

    Perhaps the positions of China, as usual, is watching in amusement from afar.

    I will not leave Egypt at this time. I will die a guardian rather than live a coward.

    Please comment and share.

    Amr Ayman aka Aimer Shama.

  3. Jimmy Joyce

    Is say enter syria see wut happens if a world war starts then good we need it maybe then after the onslaught that wasn't neccessary the world will finally come together an create a federation of one governing power which this world soley needs

  4. Darrel Oard

    I agree with you as well. WWIII is on the fringe of starting and to be honest there is nothing we true Americans can do about it. The government has basically made their decision to enter. Even after a poll of what the American people thought about it. We just need to prepare and hopefully nukes wont be in used. Otherwise good luck to all of us surviving this.

  5. Seth Fitzgerald

    Obama has already made up his mind, bringing it to Congress is just to make him look good.

  6. Steven Perrin

    We are about to start a fight I dont think we are going to win. Worst of all I think everyone will be using nukes in ww3. Best of luck yo all who survive.

  7. Stif Meister

    modern warfare have the name END GAME so for us all hope usa get a knock out ! they already building up the war ships there if small strike ! why puth so many ships of the usa there?

  8. DaNesha Spears

    Were taking about two huge countries-russia and china- in which we have already fought against , not to mention the debt were in with china, and were still not taking them seriously by now? Its sickening that were all going to be a part of this war and most people in or country don't even comprehend the situation which now lies in congress' hands. Third time is the charm guys, its confusing that people don't try or care to understand. Nuclear war means no survival. Does anyone remember bombing Japan!? Yea, now imagine it happening here. Though it stands harder for us to realize as americans, war is not a game of COD , and the history books hold document because history repeats itself.too bad our country isn't full of the same die hard americans from the 1900's, when the entire country knew about our role & position in war and Nationalism was just how it is.God be with us all through this hell on earth.

  9. Tyler Tepen

    I feel China has too much vested in the United States to go to war with them. Still we should not be in Syria. It is not our war to fight.

  10. Seth Fitzgerald

    Upfront that is what it seems like. However, the Syria situation will involve Iran if we enter. And, Iran is the main oil producer for China since Iran has stayed independent. There will be economic issues for China whether they involve themselves or not, so I think they might.

  11. Ryu Kidn

    Hating Glenn Beck does not make him less correct. Sadly, his predictions come true time & time again. The US has no business in other countries' civil wars, and we're dangerously close to war right here in America.

    We're infiltrated by muslim brotherhood, and radicalized islamists from all over the world. They're coming through the southern border. Iran is radicalizing people from Latin America, and sending them up through the southern border to infiltrate.

    The end game, if you're unable to discern the war playing out, is an islamic caliphate. This is a war on God, a war on Christianity… It IS the world's oldest war: satan v God.

    It's really that simple; don't overthink it & make it more complex than it is. The events are chaotic and getting worse, but it's much easier to follow the activities when you understand, and can frame the action, within its proper context.

  12. Nasheed Ahmed

    Your statement about conservative islam is pretty misinformative. Most of the worlds mulsim are moderates and don't believe in extremism. I think in today's society people have a predisposed idea of muslims due to a few bad apples. I would consider bassar to be an extreme alawite because his committing mass murder against innocent human beings. His killings are wrong and its only in the interest of political power not religion! which is the basis of any extreme group that uses religion for emotional rallying and support. Its important to understand the root cause of this rebellion and that's oppression and discrimination. Hate foster more hate and killings innocent children of any faith is WRONG!

  13. Seth Fitzgerald

    A few bad apples, somewhat. The people are fine. The people at the top however, are not. In conservative Islam-based states, there are many horrible things occurring. And, when extreme conservatives take hold (like they will in Syria if Assad loses power) then Syria will be another extremist-type state.

  14. Seth Fitzgerald

    Has absolutely nothing to do with Muslims. They are a pawn in this "war." The trouble is based in America and European countries which have been holding proxy wars (like in Syria) to gain more wealth and power. And, definitely has nothing to do with some weird non-Jesus-based idea of Satan V God.

  15. Sieghart Boyd

    I think by the time I finish basic I'll end up serving 4 tours all in seperate countries if you catch my drift.

  16. Jim Lottle

    Well, it is the Holy Lands. I don't think anyone really (dictators) believe theyre above God to push the button (although they may think they are some kind of god). Yes, Nostordaumas said something about turban (that was prediction in Reagan days, too). Well, maybe we all will wake up in heaven and wotn know what hit us, that would be the way to go.

  17. Eric Sutton

    Violence = more violence. Hand it over to the Arab League (even though they oppose us bombing Syria).
    I'm starting to feel like a little non-interventionism might be just what the doctor ordered for our country.

  18. KJ Watson

    Picture this – the U.S. begins a "limited" air-only 90 day or less engagement in Syria. Lets say drones are not getting the job done, and U.S. advanced fighter and bomber aircraft are required. Iran, with the Syrian Russian-supplies anti-aircraft missile batteries, assists the Assad regime. A few weeks into the air-only engagement, one of our B2 bombers of B1B Lancers (you pick the aircraft) is downed – and what is worse, the pilot or pilots eject and are captured [captured, held as prisoners, or tortured to death and dragged through the streets is more likely]. As the battered, yet alive American pilot(s) are displayed on TV all over the Middle East, Americans and Western powers implore the president to "get our boys back" and somehow negotiate their return. Some advocate for an SF-style raid to rescue them. Perhaps a raid was attempted, and perhaps it failed. With more Americans now losing their life on Syrian soil, America and her allies are forced to act somehow – commit 'boots on the ground' in some fashion to try and retrieve our dead and wounded. Radical Islamic hate-groups all over the Middle East attack anything American, pro-American or Western. Israel begins being bombarded by Hezbollah. We urge them not to retaliate. Americans on the ground in Syria begin being targeted by the rebels, upset at 2+ years of no support from them. Russia commits 'peacekeeping' troops near the border region to aid in cessation of hostilities. Iran beings supplying direct military support to Syria, and attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan increase; the U.S. increases its bombing campaign against Iranian networks funneling military supplies to Assad. Lebanon again becomes a hotbed of Hezbollah activity against Israel. Israeli air and ground forces retaliate. This enrages Iran who begins to encourage Syrian Assad forces to sabotage Israeli operations across the border. The U.S. begins limited strikes against hard-targets associated with Iran (or perhaps begins jamming Iranian computer networks or communications from air and space). The U.S. deploys limited ground forces in the Western part of Syria as fighting increases. Russian forces cross the border to attempt to avert an all-out war. Misconceptions ensue, and all-out confusion result in U.S. and Russian land or naval forces exchanging shots. Syrian rebels attack both; the escalation has begun. Lets pray this isn't when Israel lobs a nuke at Iran, or Iran debuts its atomic weapon of its own. Sounds crazy, but could be only a few months away.

  19. Maria Pritchard

    No, in no way should they be intervening whatsoever. However the US likes to dress this up, this will not just be a declaration of war on Assad, but on his whole country – an act of aggression on innocents as well as those they deem "culpable", there is no two ways about it. From what I've read over the past few days, it seems evident to me that the US lawmakers understand little of the dynamics in the region – they just see a ruthless dictator in a far away land taking out his opponents (who he claims are Al Qaeda) and sees the attractive pipelines, then automatically assume it's going to be a win-win situation. We have had one Senator this week who has said that she came to her decision over military action after talking to her 5 year old Grandson, and another who played games on his ipad while the issue was being discussed in committee – these are the kinds of people who want to instigate war, people who do not take this seriously and probably understand very little as to what's going on on the ground. How can France and the US even contemplate supporting the rebels when they are such a fractious bunch – as interested in fighting each other as they are in challenging the regime? How will this translate into a seamless transition of power when/ if US achieves its objectives of removing Assad? These people as well as some segments of the FSA have committed a number of atrocities ranging from the beheading of children, terrorising Christians and Alawites, committing acts of cannibalism and throwing postal workers off buildings – HOW can the US justify supporting such people or remaining silent to their crimes when they want to wage war against Assad, even accounting for the fact that there is little to no evidence against him? The situation is a complete shambles, and the World is beginning to see through this farce of concern for "humanitarian" concern. EVEN Assad protects some of the minorities in his country to a certain extent and accords rights to women above and beyond those granted by his rivals. How can the US ensure that his successors uphold human rights for all after his removal from power? For all their blathering on human rights, do they even care? This is a VERY dangerous situation which needn't have got this far. Obama seems to have pushed himself into a corner with the ludicrous "red line" statement, and now feels that the ego and credibility of his nation rests on him taking military action even if it causes another world war – madness, utterly irresponsible and extremely dangerous. As much as I am surprised to hear myself say this, I am actually grateful that Vladimir Putin appears to be standing up on this issue – the scenario (if not contained) could light one very explosive fuse, with no telling where things will end. I only hope that he can make Obama see sense even if that means allowing his pride to take a hit, because there is no justification whatsoever for causing a global war on account of your ego.

  20. Almedin Muratovic New

    All of you getting freaked out. oh us americans are gonna be bombed and us citizens will have to go to war because of the government.. we are INNOCENt. now you know how syrian people and kids think or the other muslim countries us made wars with same thing for them. it doesn't feel good does it?

  21. Le Nguyen

    we never went to war with China or Russia. A cold war is not an actual war.

  22. Roman Box

    You westerns have no clou what islam means…i m a Greek and my unsectors fought to get the ottomans out of here! Turkey that is supposed to be a moderate muslim country has commited 3 genocides! And anyway….i cant believe that US is supporting Al Qaeda

  23. Jimmy Johnson

    I think the US should mind its own business and stop trying to make other countries like them. The world in general dislikes the US. Oh no…some other country is nuclear capable…the US has over 1000 nuclear warheads of various sizes…hmmmm…I say the US needs to undergo a UN inspection and dispose of their own warheads before they keep forcing themselves on others because of weapons of mass destruction. WW3 will start if US enters Syria, but their endgame is Iran. It always has been. Take your troops home Obama…nobody wants your troops imposing your ways on them.

  24. Gary Doern

    No proof of Assad using chemical weapons.
    More proof of rebels.
    Rebels make horror movies seem mild.
    Obama wants to support Rebels who are Al caida

  25. Ray Zotzman

    this is very controversial, however I think the US should not get involved – it's a matter for the UN and I'm sure the rebels in Syria won't recognize any order from them – sorry for the loss of life, however one has to be practical

  26. Fahad Gul

    i think this is the time when we have to develop understanding and harmony between different religions and different sect. but your analysis is very good.

  27. Jill Stork

    Lets take care of our problems in our country for a change. Like we dont have enough to fix.. Damn. Its all going to destroy its self.

  28. Robert Roncali

    You obviously don't know what your talking about. There is overwhelming proof that Assad used chemical weapons.

  29. Robert Roncali

    You are crazy to even make that statement. Do even know how bad ww3 would be? You think your just going to go through your daily routin and just let it happen. Well what happens when nukes come in? That means literally NO survival because right now there are enough nuclear weapons to destroy the earth 28 times. So if one country fires a nuke, another country will fire their nukes and so on. So I seriously doubt there will be anybody apologizing and coming to understandings.

  30. Robert Roncali

    Yea this is a war nobody is going to win because when nukes come into play its going to be really bad

  31. Sandra Cheikhali

    Of course the American government doesn't have humanitarian reasons, Obama's the one that started training, arming, and sending terrorists into Syria cause he knows that if Assad gets blown down then Hezbollah is an easier target, and so is some of the petroleum in the Middle East. Too bad he's too near sighted to see the consequences of entering Syria, consequences of the people in his own nation and those around the globe. Both America and Israel will harshly suffer the consequences of their actions. It's just like two guys fighting in the street. They get rough and each guys' friends come in and try to take down the other group and defend his own. That's probably a simple explanation of how WWIII will fabricate.

  32. Abrahm Felix

    Heidi Mora Im christian, but I hate when zeleots start speaking of prophecies. The Bible was written by MEN and should not considered 100% true. Eitherway, the purpose of the Bible is to teach us a lesson through anecdotes and events. Focus on the MESSAGE not the literal meaning of the words.

  33. Tammy Cockrell

    Heidi Mora i just read this yesterday in the bible it is in Isaih 17=19 just have faith and believe and trust in God and He will help you. God will never forsake you or leave you.

  34. Margo Seiple

    Read Isaiah 17, then Ezekiel 38-39, this is what could happen if we meddle, but it's all in God's timing. If this is the time for these prophecies to come to pass, then they will. This could be why Obama is pushing for the Syria attack even though it doesn't make sense in any way for him to do so. It's out of his hands. For those of you scoffing now, remember this post if it all goes to hell over there. Because the next event in the prophetic scenario is a little war called "Armageddon".

  35. Fred Sanders

    There will be very few survivors after a third WW,the nukes are to strong and powerful today.As Albert Einstein said," I don't know what weapons will be used in a third WW but I know what will be used in a fourth….sticks and stones".

  36. Daniel Allison

    Then you by your own words have stated you are not a Christian. If you don't believe the Bible is true then you are in the same class as Satan. He also believes in Jesus, but like you he does not believe Jesus. Big difference.

  37. Daniel Allison

    I guess that is why the Korean War is called the Forgotten War. That one ended in a draw and is still not finished. Vietnam was a war with Russia and we lost that one completely. He who fails to learn from history is doomed to repeat it.

  38. Daniel Allison

    Nasheed Ahmed you should read the Quran. Any and ever thing is allowed, if it furthers the goal of world wide conquest for Islam. Lying is a good thing, if it is done to infidels. Any "moderate" Muslim will have their heads removed when they are of no further use to true Muslims.

  39. Daniel Allison

    Robert Roncali Hey Roncalli get in touch with Obama. He is in dire need of your proof as he has none of his own. I suppose you are in Syria and a member of the rebels? How did you come into possession of this "proof?"

  40. Daniel Allison

    Your IQ is about 40 points below dumb ass. If the USA is hit by as few as three nukes that take out the electric grid the casualty rate is expected to be 90% by the end of the first year. These could just be EMP devices that don't even hit the ground. There would be no survivors in any large cities as starvation, thirst and riots would have wiped them out. I would venture to guess you would not be one of the survivors. I doubt you have the skills to grow your own food or even the find drinking water. If you did grow your own food, I or someone like me would kill you and take it. If you wish to live, then pray for peace.

  41. Daniel Allison

    Seth Fitzgerald Let the blind remain blind as none is as blind as he who WILL not see. You have it partly right in as much as they are pawns, but they are the pawns on Satan. You are also right about the proxy wars too. All the back to WWI. Scripted by the Rothschild family.

  42. Stanley Morton

    Your right. Do you know that in World War 1 it started as small conflicts between the alliances and the Kaiser of Germany was saying "Don't worry – the war will be ended before the autumn leaves fall." However by Christmas 1914 there were 1 1/2 million people killed".

  43. Anonymous

    At the call of war all Muslims must fight together for one cause and one cause only. and therefore if you believe in the koran you will fight for it against non-muslims

  44. Jacey M Gonzalez

    This is to everybody who commented. Actions speak louder than words. I know I'm not doing anything but I'm getting ready for the worst.

  45. Errol Velayo

    Saudi Arabia offer Putin(Russia) Billions of money to stop protecting Syria in order for them to control the Gas from Quatar to Turkey Pipeline.. that way they were the one to sell the gas to Europe but Putin didn't accept it.. so Saudi Arabia went to 2nd option and make a deal with US (white house Obama ) for a huge amount of money to disabled Syria and control them. & US did agree to do the job.. that's why US is enter fearing and helping Rebels such as Muslim brotherhood, Al Quida.. Our leaders in America will do anything even to the crowns using our enemies o destroy other enemies. they don't care about the War coz the soldiers going to get paid by people's taxes and the leaders get paid huge sum of money with the deal.. that's what's really happening in Syria..

  46. Errol Velayo

    World War 3 are approaching in our very eyes and all countries around the world are not exempted every countries will be touch and affected.. Ask the Small Group " those Seventh Day Adventist " they know about this since 1844..

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