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Students Stabbed At Houston High School, One Dead, Three Injured

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Four students were stabbed at a Houston high school this morning. One student died from his wounds while three others were injured.

According to Fox News, a 17-year-old student was stabbed to death at about 7 am this morning at Spring High School. Two other students sustained minor injuries while a third was taken to the hospital for surgery.

Police have detained three students connected to the attack.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia said that there have been racial tensions at the school and that the attack may have been gang related.

Garcia said: “There is some information that this may have been gang related.”

Garcia did not give any details about the three students who are being questioned about the attack. The students have not been named and Garcia couldn’t say if they had caught the attacker.

Police have also failed to recover any weapons.

Ralph H. Draper, superintendent of the Spring Independent School District, said: “Every parent sends their child to school believing that school should be one of the safe-haven places.… It’s what we spend our night and days working for, and what I lose sleep over. We go into this business to make life better for children, and they need to be able to trust the adults who are responsible for their security and their care.”

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11 Responses to “Students Stabbed At Houston High School, One Dead, Three Injured”

  1. Jackson Saint James

    schools will become junior prisons with the vermin browns, fighting the vermin blacks, until they are all dead and buried God bless them all and their knives and their guns.

  2. Peggy Prather Price

    I didn't really have to look to know what color they were. They wonder why other races don't like them.

  3. Sean Gilmer

    I saw the word, 'stabbing', and immediately thought, 'Mexican.'…. Sure enough….

  4. Lee Gary

    Around here the browns hate blacks. They have run blacks completely out of some of the neighborhoods here.

  5. Teletha Williams

    If we can just learn how to forgive daily, God will take care of everything. Until we can learn the true meaning of LOVE and learn how to LOVE ourselves then we will continue to kill and destroy one another. Let us pray for everyone involved in the stabbing at the school in Houston.

  6. Role Guy

    If Joe Biden was there with his shotgun none of this mayhem would have taken place. Where were the security personnel?

  7. Betty Taylor

    Shut these state-funded zoos DOWN! Once upon a time, education was a privilege. These kids don't want to learn. Hell, most of them cant even SPELL or put a sentence together! The school systems don't teach them anything except politically correct bs, that the government is a sugar daddy, and "everyone gets a prize." There isn't any incentive to succeed. Its all an overpaid creaking bureaucracy of ineptitude, inefficiency and waste. Repeal the mandatory/compulsory attendance laws. It will get rid of most of the trouble makers, and at least make it bearable for those who WANT to be there.

  8. Israel Ruelas

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  9. Israel Ruelas

    when its a massacre in a mall or school the first think I think of is White…. sure enough, its always a white man or kid.
    Lets not make this a racial issue.

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