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Sweet Cakes By Melissa Closes Amid LGBT Discrimination Investigation

Sweet Cakes By Melissa, Vows To Keep Fighting

Sweet Cakes by Melissa — the embattled Gresham, Oregon bakery — has decided to close its doors amid an ongoing LGBT discrimination investigation, but, according to the bakery’s Facebook page, the fight is “not over.”

The bakery left the following message on its door after making the decision: “Closed, but still in business… This fight is not over. We will continue to stand strong. Your Religious Freedom is becoming not Free anymore. This is ridiculous that we can not practice our faith. The LORD is good and we will continue to serve Him with all our heart. ♥”

(The bakery is now a home-based business, KOIN noted.)

Earlier this year, Aaron and Melissa Klein, who owned and operated Sweet Cakes by Melissa, refused to make a same-sex wedding cake on the grounds that they disagreed with gay marriage.

The Kleins noted that they did not refuse service to LGBT individuals, which would have been a clear violation of a law passed by Oregon lawmakers in 2007. But the couple emphasized that it would be against their religion to make a cake endorsing a same-sex marriage.

“Discrimination is really the wrong terminology for what took place,” said Aaron Klein in an interview with KATU. “I didn’t want to be a part of her marriage, which I think is wrong.”

One of the women who was refused service filed a complaint with Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI), and the investigation is ongoing.

“There’s a lot of close-minded people out there that would like to pretend to be very tolerant and just want equal rights,” Aaron said. “But on the other hand, they’ve been very, very mean-spirited. They’ve been militant. The best way I can describe it is they’ve used mafia tactics against the business. Basically, if you do business with Sweet Cakes [by Melissa], we will shut you down.”

The Kleins said their bakery truck was ransacked on Sunday evening and that the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office has yet to make an arrest.

They also stated that vendors were harassed to the point they “would no longer refer customers, which led to their income dropping off dramatically,” according to KATU.

Melissa Klein reiterated what her husband said, adding, “I don’t want to shove it down anyone else’s throat or anything like that… I would hope to have the same respect, you know, that things don’t have to be shoved on me and force me to do something I don’t want to do.”

“I hope that if nothing else, we’ve given people that believe the way we believe the strength to stand up,” Aaron added. “I believe that we’re living in a time that’s very hostile towards Christians. Our First Amendment rights are being stripped away and I’m willing to stand up and take this fight.”

The Kleins said they have appreciated the number of people showing their support in light of the controversy.

“The support the people have sent us means a lot and it’s very encouraging, the things that people send us,” said Melissa. “We really appreciate it, so I would love people to know that — from everywhere — thank you so much.”

As for the couple, who filed the initial complaint against Sweet Cakes by Melissa, they received a generous offer after their experience went viral.

Duff Goldman offered to make the couple a wedding cake for free and ended up doing the bride’s cake in place of a traditional groom’s cake.

Do you think Sweet Cakes by Melissa has been unfairly targeted by same-sex marriage supporters, or is this a clear case of discrimination?

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36 Responses to “Sweet Cakes By Melissa Closes Amid LGBT Discrimination Investigation”

  1. Mark MacLean

    Here we see the results of bullying at work. The hate-filled special interest groups who refuse to respect others. They demand what they refuse to give. They are the ultimate hypocrites… they hate with a passion.

    They cannot be kind to others. They cannot respect others. They live for their hatred of God and everything holy. Their perversion drives their very existence. They want to force you to be a hypocrite and you have stood tall instead.

    God's wrath is upon these bullies, and His eternal punishment will force them to be burnt offerings forever. They will experience unbearable agony for eternity – and you will have sweet reward.

    Your integrity and love for Him and for others will be a jewel in your crown in heaven.

    Well done for not stooping to their level.
    I hope you are able to find a Christian attorney to stand up for your rights.

  2. Karen Louise Siegmann

    Clearly the discrimination is coming from the LGBT. All because the bakery owners said we don't want to participate in your activities. The fact is that the LGBT are proving the Bible correct because they are not satisfied with engaging in their God defying behaviours, they insist that everyone else not only approve of them but also participate in them.

  3. Crystal Phenneger Carpenter

    The lawsuit should be against LGBT. I don't care if you are screwing frogs for that matter but you shove your lifestyle in everyone's face and get mad because we don't agree? You should be the ones sued! Pathetic!

  4. Ray Knitterman Whiting

    Does a baker show up and "participate" at a child's birthday party, or approve all the entertainment there? Of course not. It's a cake — a tangible product sold in a business that is open to the public. That's all. It is not the baker's concern what the cake is for; he just wants to shove HIS b.s. religious stuff into other people's lives where it does not belong. He runs a business, not a religion, and he does it to make money. The baker was wrong.

  5. Charlene Baker-Reichert

    It is a cake!!!! Are you serious!!! This shop is open to the public, shouldn't it be all the public??? Or if you do not want to serve the LGBT then put a sign in the window who you will not serve. Do they serve the Jewish community? or any other religion for that matter. Maybe they should have a sign saying that this is Melissa's sweet cakes only serving Christians.

  6. Charlene Baker-Reichert

    What ever happened to love thy NEIGHBOR? So called Christians! Stop saying you are a Christian and stop the judging.

  7. Jared Paul

    If it's just a cake, as you say, why don't the lesbians drop it? If it's 'just a cake'? Why file suit over 'just a cake'? He's pushing religion and they are not pushing an agenda?? Just a cake..right.

  8. Charlene Baker-Reichert

    It is just a cake, then they should not be selling to the public!! It is that simple. What Agenda are they pushing???????? EQUALITY!!! Oh the horror!!! Maybe they should stop pushing their religion in a public store. Not everyone follows their religion. Just saying!

  9. Nick Damask

    Well, there you go: proof that the same-sex marriage proponents don't just want equal treatment by government (inheritance laws, taxes, hospital visitation, etc.). They want to compel everyone else in society to conform to their beliefs.

    Not very "progressive" of them.

  10. Tony Anthony

    Just like not everyone is accepting of a different lifestyle… ESPECIALLY those who DO value Christianity as their way of life. The LGBT community is pushing their lifestyle on this family.

    It's a private owned business as well. Not public.

    Just my two cents.

  11. Charlene Baker-Reichert

    Yes it is a private owned business, serving the PUBLIC!!

  12. Josh Jacobs

    Should the Kleins be forced to make a cake with a nude photo print on it? If they don't want to do that, they don't have to. Whatever happened to the line "we have the right to refuse service to anyone"? They don't hate LGBT community, they don't approve of their behavior. Love and approval are not the same thing. Likewise, there are people who disagree with Christian behavior, does that mean those who disagree with Christian behavior hate Christians? Not necessarily; some do, some don't. Why don't you hold your judgmental attitude and name calling against the Kleins, and give them the benefit of the doubt?

  13. Crystal Sandry

    You have a right to practice personal religious freedom. You do not have a right to violate the law. Your religious beliefs are also not relevant to those who do not share them.

    I have yet to see a gay person trying to force everyone in society to conform to their beliefs. No homosexuals are out there fighting to outlaw heterosexual marriage. No heterosexuals are being forced to engage in gay sex.

    It is pretty simple. If you run a business subject to public accommodation laws you consent to follow those laws when you apply for the state business license.

  14. Crystal Sandry

    I wonder if you think heterosexual people are shoving their lifestyles in everyone's face when they hold weddings?

  15. Crystal Sandry

    Tony Anthony They are a business who applied to the state for a license to do business with the public. As such they must obey a lot of laws and they agree to do so when applying for the license. Public accommodation, zoning, health codes and labor laws are just a few.

    This family is using the bible only when it is convenient to support their own condemnation of homosexuals. The same owners were called by a media outlet several times. They agreed to make cakes for a divorce party, a pagan solstice festival, a party for a woman to celebrate her multiple children born out of wedlock, a stem cell research party and a non-kosher barbeque.

    I support any American's right to personal religious practice. However, those religious beliefs should never be used as a justification to discriminate against others.

  16. Wesley D Corbett

    While I may disagree with them 100% they were running a private company and as such can run it as they please. If it really was "just a cake" they could have easily found someone willing to bake their cake. Instead they turn it into a media firestorm. Two wrongs don't make a right.

  17. Peter Davis-Cordova

    The bakery closing is Capitalism at its best. They were bigoted, people took their business elsewhere and threatened vendors with the same retaliation if they were to continue business with the bakery. This is how the market should regulate all bigoted businesses (I would hope the same would happen if they refused to bake a cake for an interracial couple or a Black couple). In short you can argue all day if they bakers are bigots (which I think they are), but what it comes down to in this instance is they are just horrible business people that deserve to lose their business.

  18. Jerome Haltom

    Josh Jacobs Is there a law against refusing business on the basis of nudity? No. Then it's okay!

    And that line "we have the right to refuse service to anyone", hasn't applied since 1964, with the Civil Rights Act, which made it illegal to do so on the basis of race, religion or ethnicity.

  19. Elizabeth Levesque

    Don't you mean to report the TRUTH that they were RUN OUT of business by a religiously bigoted and anti christian LGBT agenda? Get the FACTS straight man! LGBT are nothing but religiously bigoted bullies. Vicious animals

  20. Elizabeth Levesque

    Capitalism didn't work. Capitalism is a FREE MARKET. Free to refuse service. Free to do business with whom one wants. What happened to Sweet Cakes by Melissa is nothing more than Terrorism. Terrorism won. That is all that happened. It's disgusting that you would equate what happened to Sweet Cakes as having anything to do with capitalism. The Kleins were targeted by a religious bigoted and heterophobic LGBT network that is as vicious and animalistic as anything I have ever seen in my lifetime. I was in the 60s when gay people were cool and minded their own business. You can be sure I will be buying every single baked good I can from Melissa who is now FORCED to bake in her garage. But I don't care. She is going to get every extra dollar I have from now on. There are plenty of people who feel the SAME and are doing the same as me. So watch out or YOUR business could get targeted cause what comes around goes around and karma is a real……..

  21. Elizabeth Levesque

    Humble Christian Couple Forced to Shutter Business Because of Bullying and Death Threats by Manfred Peregrine.

    Hundreds of corpulent sapphic beasts and their brainwashed minions took to the streets Sunday night to celebrate the destruction of Sweet Cakes By Melissa bakery. Aaron and Melissa Klein were just a humble Christian couple operating a cake shop in Gresham Oregon, that is, until a couple of doubler tucker deviants decided to pay them a visit and demand they construct a wedding cake for their blasphemous union.
    The Klein’s informed them that they would be happy to serve them, but they politely declined providing them with the elaborate traditional slab of scrumptious cake reserved for the nuptial rites of heterosexuals. They gently explained to the duo of incredulous brutes that to do so would be akin to collaborating with the demonic forces that are currently ripping the fabric of our great nation to ribbons… That’s when all hell broke loose.

    Rather than pack up their precious parcel of hurt feelings and hunt down a bakery willing to whip up some tasty treats for their parody of a wedding ceremony, the unsatisfied ogres stomped their bovine asses straight down to the federal courthouse to file a discrimination complaint against the modest god-fearing bakers. They also began to bleat and whinny loudly to every media outlet willing to listen about how they were victims of horrific discrimination after being denied the scrumptious delicacies that should naturally only be prepared for and consumed at traditional christian weddings.
    Sweet Cakes By Melissa – Frosting the Cake of Intolerance?
    Once the tolerance and diversity mafia got a whiff of the drama brewing they descended upon the couples business, Sweet Cakes By Melissa, with a relentless flurry of death threats, harassment and vitriol until they were forced to close their doors and operate from home. Now if you wish to enjoy their delectable cakes you have to pass a 5 point security clearance and be frisked by an team of armed security guards to ensure the safety of the bakeries operators is not compromised. The Sweet Cakes compound now sits behind a 12 foot chain link fence topped with razor wire to ensure those over-zealous champions of tolerance who insist on enforcing their plan cannot harm the docile Kliens for their refusal to conform to their twisted agenda.

  22. Chris J Davis

    I personally don't think highly of the Kleins being very Christian at all. For anyone to use their personal religious beliefs as a way to refuse service to a part of the public doesn't not sound very Christian at all. It is their private business I will admit, but they are selling to the public and cannot refuse people based on race, sex orientation, religion. It doesn't matter if you think that isn't fair. That is how it works. If people started refusing based on these things then people could refuse service to them and I'm pretty sure the Kleins wouldn't like that at all. Just saying. No body likes to be refused service no matter what. It is an insult and demeaning. We are not savage animals! I believe the public spoke when they decided to not buy anymore cakes from this bakery. I think the Kleins had it coming and it was their actions that did it, not the LGBT community!

  23. Derek Head

    Crystal Sandry, I don't care about gay people either way. Let them do what they want but I don't see straight people creating "straight prides" where they parade down the street kissing in front of everyone.

  24. Derek Head

    Pro-gays, gays and atheists (who are mostly gay it seems) will never approve of anyone disagreeing with their life-style which is why they they've been sending death threats to a lot of people lately.

    And it's okay for the atheist and pro-gay to give death threats? (Atheists issue death threats and rape threats to the woman who got Darwin removed from the £10 note)

  25. Derek Head

    Pro-gays, gays and atheists (who are mostly gay it seems) will never approve of anyone disagreeing with their life-style which is why they they've been sending death threats to a lot of people lately. (Atheists issue death threats and rape threats to the woman who got Darwin removed from the £10 note)

  26. Jesus A Rivera

    Funny, that the Bible makes no such requirement to deny cakes to lesbians. So how can it be against their Christian beliefs? Doesn't Jesus feed people in the Bible?

  27. Jesus A Rivera

    Elizabeth Levesque Terrorism is defined as "violence for political ends." That is not what happened. You just can't call everything you disagree with "terrorism." It makes you look foolish.

  28. Jesus A Rivera

    In Oregon, we have a law that says you can't discriminate in your business based on "sex, religion, gender, or sexual preference." How wrong of us.

  29. Christina McClain Padgett

    The fact that this was done to a family with five children sickens me. I went on Pinterest to support them and found that a fake screenshot with racism and profanity was circulating the net and claiming that the bakers did it.

  30. Christina McClain Padgett

    Standing up for your beluefs isn't bigoted. If you want to understand Christians, read the Bible. Homosexual acts are sinful.

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