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Is Jennette McCurdy Dating Andre Drummond?

McCurdy and Drummond

Jennette McCurdy, everyone’s favorite Nickelodeon star, has been exchanging Tweets and Instagrams with Detroit Pistons’ Andre Drummond.

The iCarly star, aged 21, finally met Drummond, aged 20, after lots of flirting via social media. The Detroit Pistons center gave the game away when he posted a picture on Instagram of Jennette on July 17. Along with the pic was the hashtag #WCW, standing for “Woman Crush Wednesday”.

Andre posted two more photos of Jennette a few weeks after the initial post. She finally followed him back on Twitter with a “nice to meet you.” His response to that was simply, “very nice meeting you as well.”

Jennette then sent Drummond a few Instagrams on his birthday with her posing in a Pistons shirt, hinting to him that she’d love to go to one of his games.

The pair finally met last weekend and, clearly excited from their first date, sent some Tweets and Instagrams showing just what a good time they were having. Since that first meet, it is reported that they even went to Disneyland, clearly wanting to spend quality time together.

Some of the pictures posted by them on Instagram showed them at the pool with thumbs us and having a great time. In another Andre is seen giving Jennette McCurdy a piggyback ride.

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One Response to “Is Jennette McCurdy Dating Andre Drummond?”

  1. Richard King

    this is all for money, sex, and PR. She is a minor actress(not that good of one either), most people don't even know her name. She knows when her show bellies up, going to be hard times. She can't play Sam forever. I think she sent photos and tweets to get him to her, then hooked him with whatever it takes. All show nothing more, on her part, having a trophy girlfriend for him. The internet plays the story(or NICK). She seems to have always liked black guys so why all the noise.

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