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Men to face charge after court finds necrophilia is illegal in Wisconsin even when using a condom


Three men accused of trying to dig up a grave in Wisconsin in order to have sex with a dead woman entered not guilty pleas this week.

The twin brothers, Alex and Nicholas Grunke, and Dustin Radke (all pictured) are alleged to have attempted to remove the body of a 20 year-old woman killed a week previously in a motorcycle crash. The three decided on the woman after seeing her photo in an obituary in the local newspaper.

Stranger still perhaps is the legal argument leading to the point. The case in the courts so far hasn’t been whether the three were guilty or not, but whether necrophilia was illegal in Wisconsin or not. A lower court originally found that there was nothing in the state that banned the boys having their way with the corpse, but the State Supreme Court over-ruled that decision in July. The fact that the three brought condoms to the scene to protect themselves was not taken into account by the court.

(via Channel 3000)

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38 Responses to “Men to face charge after court finds necrophilia is illegal in Wisconsin even when using a condom”

  1. W_H_I_F_F

    The woman didnt consent… don't see why rape charges cant be applied.

    Mind you they all would get shot if they tried this on my deceased family member. Perhaps they will get murdered then raped in prison… hmmmm.

  2. DFH

    Were the condoms to protect themselves or to prevent their identification through DNA analysis? This is the CSI generation, you know . . .

  3. JW

    This may be just me, but I hate it when the girl I'm with just lays there…….

  4. Chompsky

    Great chalk up another one for Wisconsin….there is absolutely no good publicity from here

  5. Zeke the Freak

    Them thar boys didn't do nuthin wrong…hell, if they'da done the deed here in Arkansas, they might coulda got 'r done!

    (Lord, I apologize for that…and bless all the pygmies in Africa. Amen.)

  6. dave

    MISSING THE BIG PICTURE HERE FOLKS! These guys will be in the headlines later in life when girls are found dead and violated. Do you not doubt you are looking at future serial killers? And the law is worried if necrophilia (condom or not) is against the law!?!?!? Dudes wanted to dig up and have sex with a corpse, I think that might be the problem here….

  7. Keli

    LMAO that's so icky. Even if they don't get rape charges, they still can get charged for destroying her grave, right?

  8. Kassie

    That is nasty.. What was going through there mind when they planed to do this… Some people just don't think that is nasty as hell.

  9. Guy who just threw up

    Damn. I say we kick them out of Wisconsin and make them live in D.C. or NYC where they'll probably make friends..

  10. deaths_little_helper

    Yes, but it would only set a fine to repair the damaged grave, and at best, a week in jail…these boys don't a record or jail time, they need psychological counseling, before they go a step to far, and rape/molest a living person/child…if the three of them are willing to do all this work for a dead body, because the obit picture looked inviting, what will happen when they are hanging out in a park together, and see an attractive female jog by? They need help, they don't need to have there lives destroyed by this, but they do need to be shown a better way…

  11. whatshisface1

    Well that is just unsaniteriay and just plain sick.What they couldnt find someone alive to screw?

  12. thatperson

    whatshis—did you see the pics???

    Nuff said :)

    I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole….

  13. Kayla

    Sick male perverts. Just what the world needs! Guys digging graves not to rob the caskets but to rape a dead woman.
    Give me a break.

  14. Steve

    Reminds me of my ex ol' lady – the operative words being “dead fuck”!!

  15. alicia


  16. Quark

    “if it was in a Muslim country, they would be dead by now.”
    Your point being?

  17. Texaslady04

    Gotta agree with you on that. Totally pathetic excuses for human beings..We'll be hearing about these three winners someday.

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