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Joe Arpaio: Monitor Will Oversee Sheriff’s Office

Joe Arpaio Monitor

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s new monitor will be keeping an eye on the sheriff’s office. U.S District Judge Murray Snow ordered a monitor to oversee the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office operations. The person will report any discrimination or racist activities to the court.

Judge Snow pointed out that the monitor will not have the power to interfere with police business. However, they are tasked with reporting discrimination against Hispanics.

As reported by AZ Central, Judge Snow ruled that the sheriff’s office is guilty of racial profiling against Hispanics. However, he has delayed his final finding.

Snow is expected to make his final ruling by the end of September. In the meantime, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s monitor will be reporting any rights violations.

During Friday’s hearing, the prosecution and defense agreed that Maricopa County deputies would receive yearly sensitivity training. The sheriff’s office also agreed to assess record keeping and organization within the department.

The class action lawsuit against Joe Arpaio started in 2007 with the arrest of a Hispanic man. The man was detained for nine hours despite the fact that he was in the United States legally.

The case grew to include all traffic stops, involving Hispanics, since 2007.

In May, Judge Snow determined that Sheriff Joe violated constitutional rights through racial profiling. Along with the ACLU, Arpaio’s attorneys have negotiated several points. The negotiations include outreach to the community, and changes in policy.

As reported by Huffington Post, Arpaio’s office has rejected several ACLU suggestions. The ACLU suggested that deputies cite a reason for each traffic stop, before the driver is contacted. The sheriff’s office contends it would waste time.

Arpaio’s office has also rejected the suggestion of a community-advisory board. Sheriff Joe contends that he has been, and will continue to, work toward better community relations.

Joe Arpaio’s monitor will oversee the sheriff’s department until the case is concluded. Judge Snow has given both parties until September 18 to submit additional filings.

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82 Responses to “Joe Arpaio: Monitor Will Oversee Sheriff’s Office”

  1. Greg Stell

    I voted for Sheriff Joe and I will never regret it. Only reason people are pissed is cause hes a cop doing his job and keeping the people of maricopa county feeling safe. If your in the country illegally either get off your lazy ass and become a citizen or get out. just because your country is to the south of us doesn't mean you get a free ride my family imigrated from scotland and did everything legal. so if they did it so should you.

  2. Robert Stover

    they are trying to put sheriff joe on a leash, the liberals are pissed he is doing his job, most of the people he checks out are illegal anyway, and it is good that there is one good honest cop left, that isn't afraid to do his job and tell liberals where to go.

  3. Gary Mckinley

    Instead of making his job harder, judges should get together and let the sheriff TEACH other law agencies how to better run their offices, including the feds.

  4. Al Bowman

    If a person was not BORN HERE in this country, they are NOT ENTITLED to Constitutional protections! Who is this judge and who does he work for? We are fighting a war against cave men in Afghanistan, are they entitled to Constitutional rights as well? Hell no they're not!

  5. Tim Mckinney

    YAHOO, finally a little accounting for what his people do. Nothing bad here, just do what you tell everyone else to do. Walk a straight line, do things right. I would have put his butt in a pink suit and made him live on bologna.

  6. Steve E Ames

    to help police the police every officer should have to say why he will be stopping someone they have the tag number what the reason for the stop it would not waste time and in Arpaio's case it would probable save the county and the state millions of dollars.

  7. William Reddy

    Last time I was in Maricopa County, I didn't notice any illegal Russians or Chinese or Irish or Poles. But I noticed hundreds of non English speaking Hispanics. Especially at big box stores like Home Depot and Loews and Menards looking for day work for cash. You go Joe!

  8. Phillip Murray

    Sheriff Arpiao is a fine gentleman and a great sheriff. We need more like him. While I'm at it, our sheriff here in Wake County NC (Raleigh) is another great one, Sheriff Donnie Harrison. We're lucky to have him, too.

  9. Elaine Tsialafos

    Sheriff Joe is a fantastic law officer and he should be left alone to do his job. We should have more like him. You go Sheriff Joe! Onward!

  10. Jerry Cohen

    How do you feel about the $20,000,000 plus paid out in lawsuits of your money in the last few years….by the way there are another $20,000,000 waiting in the wings.

  11. Bernard Alfred Stearos

    I wish we had a Sheriff here with cajones like Sheriff Joe. We are tired of the judicial system babying the criminals and yes illegal immigrants ARE CRIMINALS. It is not just the illegals, how about air conditioning for criminals when hard working people do not have it. Cable tv for criminals when hard working people do not have it. Pizza parties for criminals when hard working people cannot afford it. How about not being nice to people (gangbangers) walking down the street with guns ready to shoot whoever they want. Screw their rights.

  12. John Kastelic

    Hispanic are hard working People American Corporations like them because they are paid as little as possible, that's why we see advertisements in Spanish all over business and Banks want to attract their business , Spanish is becoming a second language in USA, regardless if Arpaio likes it or not, in few years we'll have a Hispanic President , maybe the likes of Rubio, or Cruz., GRACIAS.

  13. Edward Roach

    Gee – a liberal democratically appointed judge has decided this cconservative sheriff doing his job is violating rights…………how did this LIBERAl JUDGE ever come to that conculsion……ph yea he is a liberal who wants every illegal criminal from any country to come to America and suck off the government teat…….NO SENSE APPEAL TO THE ODAMA SUPREME COURT……they are pocket whores to the dems………honesty in government does not extend past the Arizona Maricopa county border.

  14. Sterling Harris

    I have no Ideal what a liberal is supposed to be or look like I don't have the training. I do however applaud sheriff Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s behavior this has nothing to do with hate it's about the law and doing the job You were elected to do by the people and for the people.

  15. John Kastelic

    every Person living in the USA IS protected by the Constitucion of the United States, the Constitucion is NOT racist.thanks.

  16. Mike Hunter

    The problem is the good sheriff is doing everything right and doesn't worry about being politically correct or what people claim as racial profiling. Do the crime , do the time and the government can't stand true law enforcement, only votes enforcement…… YOU GO JOE!

  17. Mark Ridley

    So who's monitoring the judges who legislate from their benches? Sheriff Arpaio needs to have one of HIS deputies following the antics in the courtroom.

  18. Jim Nagy

    We need more Joes in this country. I agree with Greg 100%. Don't forget half the judges also the problem in the court system.Keep up the good work joe.

  19. Richard Miller

    Let's face it, folks. This whole thing has the stench of politics. That judge received his.
    orders from the White House. You know it, I know it, and any person with half a.
    brain should know it.

  20. Max Worthington

    These are anti government, government employees. Communists, revolutionaries, reactionaries, usurpers and tyrants. Hope that answers the question.

  21. William Young

    They have been going after Sheriff Joe for a long time now. If he is half as bad as critics say he is he would have been gone a long time ago. He would be in jail or he would have been voted out of office.

  22. Jim Chandler

    Mark Ridley No, Mark, the Constitution covers EVERY person in the United States, legal or otherwise. That is one of the benefits/drawbacks to the document. There are ways to get around this crap. If the idiot "monitor" wants a reason cited for each stop prior to driver contact, it is a very simple thing to have the officers say on the radio something like, (Unit number), traffic stop, (location) for (violation). Vehicle is occupied times (number of occupants). That way dispatch has a recording of the stop and no mention is make of the ethnicity of the occupants. The officers are covered and the stop is legal.

  23. John Brown

    Having personally met and talked with Sheriff Joe I feel as most of the posters do; He's doing a hell of a good job so leave him alone. @Jerry Cohen – he's probably saved more than $20 mil over the years with his tent city and work groups. By the way, inmates volunteer for tent city and are not sent there on a whim. If they can't hack the rules they go back to the pokey. He's a good man doing a good job.

  24. Bill Berdrow

    Reality is that Sheriff Joe and his department do not profile just hispanics, they are always on the lookout for wetbacks! You know the type, the ones that come from south of the border and enter our country illegally!

  25. Mike Phillips

    The sooner this clown PASSES into the next level of existence the better for everyone.
    probably even his wife will be glad when he MOVES ON.

  26. Ulna Cal Calloway

    There is a great difference between being tough & being Fair , he is none of the later.

  27. Stephanie Foster

    I don't have to guess you are Latino…….I am glad to see not only this sheriff but the NYPD as well being forced to stop treating anyone who is not "white" in this country like they were slaves and needed to show their Papers anytime they were on the streets. So Good for this Judge.

  28. Ulna Cal Calloway

    His job is not to be a RACIST unless those that he serve are the same ???????????

  29. Mike Vignapiano

    Judge Snow is ridiculous in his ruling. Of course the Sheriff's office used racial profiling. How can you not when you are looking for illegal immigrants from Mexico? If by chance they find a Caucasian, blonde hair blue eyes with a heavy Nordic accent, I am sure they would treat them the same way.

  30. Joseph Benenati

    we need to beat these illegal invaders back across the boarder and Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in my book a great American, these illegals need to be jailed and deported, we have a front door they need to use it , no cuts in line , no more food stamps and welfare of fraud , send them packing, if all else fails start shooting them.

  31. Joe Condon

    I don,t like the lawsuits of course. Tell me this how do you feel about all the hit and runs that have been happening in the last year or two, committed by illegals without drivers license's or insurance, and all the drug runners and drug lords, and gangs, etc,etc,etc.

  32. Al Martinez

    This is bs this racist pig should have been locked up a long time ago. He ask for rights when he denies other American thier rights. Everyone that believes in this racist mentality your day will come. For this sorry bastard it will be soon old racist prick.US still does not understand you took peoples land first Indians then Mexicans. It was our land now you want to keep us out.

  33. Joe Condon

    try monitoring the border you federal morons and all the hit and runs going on in major cities and the drugs coming in. Never mind the sheriff.

  34. Arlene Nidowicz Doyle

    the populations of Maricopa county must be at 5% Spanish or is it 95% for new York the area where stop and frisk is used is 95% spanish and black.where most of the murders and dope dealing take place. I wish our government worried more about our veterans then they do about the illegal aliens.

  35. Al Martinez

    Hey Joe condom are you not employed by our government. You have that much time on your hands to worry about a racist pig. I hope when he dies his wife marries a big black buck and loves to go down on him.That would be true justice.

  36. John Wong

    Stephanie Foster 97% of crimes in NYCity are committed by Blacks and Latinos. Because of stop and frish NY City is now one of the safest cities in the nation.

  37. John Wong

    If I were an immigrant, here legally and looking for work, I would resent illegals taking the jobs that might be mine.

  38. Tom Thomas

    Get rid of these liberal judges, put them on your list of ones to vote out when the time comes, the Sheriff is doing what his laws say he can do and his voters like period – all you bleeding liberals take a long walk off a very short pier.

  39. Jose Cardenas

    what happened to the other tough Sheriff , the one with a Mexican illegal alien boyfriend.

  40. Emilio Juarez-Soto

    Stephanie Foster There are tons of Latino people who are in support of "Stop and Frisk" here in NY because it is making the neighborhoods where Latinos live safer and has saved scores of Latino lives. Do you know that New York City, with 8.3 million people has fewer murders than Chicago which has 2.7 million people? 2012 NYC- 419 murders, 236 with a gun. 2012 Chicago- 506 murders, 443 with a gun. Chicago has less than half the population of NY, that is pathetic.
    Also, the media loves to make it a racial problem and NEVER interviews the minorities (at least Latinos, not sure about blacks) that want the program to continue, and there are a lot of us.

  41. Miguel Cruz

    If you're hoping to vote out this judge in particular, do not hold your breath as federal judges like Murray Snow are appointed by the president for life. Incidentally, "liberal" Judge Snow was appointed by GW Bush.

  42. Jack Calvert

    First of all I would say 93% of the judges are crooked or on the take . I remember when I grew up I was raised to respect judges and people in Government who were suppose to help with our laws BOY was my eyes open when I got a little older…..lies lies lies and 100% B.S.

  43. Miguel Cruz

    How many of those non English speaking Hispanics would you say were illegal? And how did you make that determination?

  44. Miguel Cruz

    How many of those non English speaking Hispanics would you say were illegal? And how did you make that determination?

  45. Tina Trenner

    Sheriff Joe is a National Treasure…I do not believe for an instant he is a racist…hell half the nation is these days.Haven't you been called one? Haaa You don't know what your missing…..You can just imagine the phone call from Obama to this corrupt judge making sure this" monitor" was meant to hurt our best sheriff…The Progressive is an evil thing always fighting against good and light…You go Sheriff Joe we love you…

  46. Gene Martin

    To William Reddy,
    How do you know who is legal and non-legal? Did you check their papers? By the way, let me see your papers.

  47. Byron Shutt

    Gene Martin Spoken like someone from a squeaky clean suburb with a strong police force. Gotta' love those liberals….'as long as it's not in my backyard.'

  48. Gene Martin

    Robert Kalani Foxworthy If speaking English is a citizenship requirement why don't southerners learn to speak English? And you misspelled citizenship.

  49. Lloyd Sprinkle

    Miguel Cruz Let's just say that if they are hanging out at locations where they are looking for 'day' work the chances are probably better than 95% that they are illegals. Gene Martin–you may check my 'papers' anytime. I have a birth certificate, a passport, a legal drivers license and a residency–now may I see your papers?

  50. Al Martinez

    Old racist treasure should be buried racist bitch Tina n sam you are probably still asking for the presidents birth certificate. Donald u drop out that means school that trump another jackass runs. You probably want him to run with his carpet bagging lies. This guy has never made a dime using his own money. Government handout money yes he has won but he has lost more. What stupid people cant even believe you live in the great US asses.

  51. Lloyd Sprinkle

    The administration and the liberals have had a bounty out on Joe for years. He should be allowed to sue the government for discrimination and harrasment.

  52. Jeff Conway

    Sheriff "Joe" is nothing but a self-promoting D-Bag, he needs to focus on enforcing local and State laws, not federal immigration laws. Most everything he does is for himself, not the people of AZ.

  53. Dave Wk

    What about the 420 plus cases including child sexual abuse and murders that were never investigated by the sheriff in El Mirage? Is that what you consider public safety in Maricopa county? I don't think that this sheriff should be allowed to disregard public safety to pursue his illegal agenda. One monitor in the sheriff's office is not enough; I hope that Judge Snow appoints a dozen.

  54. BigScott Rules

    Hey you think he is so bad, Try coming up to NY State, come on up. Liberals run the state from NY City, We have a saying in the country. Flush twice it is a long ways to NYC and they have to eat too. Sounds like you are getting a few of our LIBERAL MORONS from NYC down there. Watch out the multiply worse than your roaches down there.. Well atleast a few are with you guys and out of here.

  55. Jason Moss

    Any of you Joe supporters not living in Maricopa County, either move here or STFU. First, most of you probably have no idea what a Sheriff's job is in the first place. You probably also don't know what county jail is as well. Joe has nothing to do with immigration laws and should not have any business with dealing with such. And I'll support SB1070 when the MCSO starts pulling over suspected illegal Canadians. BTW, anyone who is so damn up on the constitution and seem to be so politically inept care to tell the rest of us the average percent of people awaiting trial in Maricopa jails?

  56. Miguel Cruz

    Robert Kalani Foxworthy becoming a citizen and being here illegally are two different things. It is possible that some of them are here legally but years away from becoming naturalized.

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