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Netflix CEO Barry McCarthy Resigns

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Barry McCarthy has quit his job at Netflix. According to company spokesman Steve Swasey, the CFO “always had aspirations beyond Netflix.” McCarthy will be replaced by company financier David Wells.

The initial announcement of McCarthy’s exit has angered investors who pushed stock down by 3.6 percent to $182.99.

It’s largely expected that McCarthy will be scouted by some of the top corporations and upcoming company’s in the United States as he is largely seen as one of the main reasons Netflix has become such a success.

McCarthy is rumored to have initially wanted to quit working for the company in 2004, but stayed on for “one reason or another” according to another company rep.

Wells thankfully is no stranger to the Netflix financial infrastructure, having now worked for the DVD by mail service for 7 years, most currently as the company’s vice president of financial planning and analysis.

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