Lance Armstrong Settlement Sunday Times

Lance Armstrong Agrees To Settlement With The Sunday Times

Lance Armstrong has settled with The Sunday Times after he sued the paper for publishing an article suggesting he used performance enhancing drugs. The article was published before Armstrong’s confession that the article was correct.

The Sunday Times was forced to settle the original claim in 2006 and it agreed to pay Armstrong 300,000 pounds at the time. However, after his confession to doping last summer, the paper sought to get the money back.

Armstrong, a seven-time Tour de France winner, has seen several things disappear after his confession to doping last summer. Among them were his titles, though from a photo he posted to Twitter last summer, the former cyclist didn’t have to give up the yellow jerseys.

He also lost several sponsorships and has been sued by many people. And The Sunday Times is no exception. But the paper announced on Sunday that it reached a settlement with Armstrong over what has been called “the most sophisticated doping conspiracy” the Tour de France has ever seen.

The paper launched a high court bid to not only require Lance Armstrong to return the 300,000 pounds it gave him, but also pay an additional 720,000 pounds in costs. Both parties reached a confidential settlement, according to the paper’s announcement. There was no disclosure on what the terms of settlement were, notes The Guardian.

The paper added that Walsh and English had “reached a mutually acceptable final resolution to all claims against Lance Armstrong related to the 2012 high court proceedings and are entirely happy with the agreed settlement.” The terms will remain confidential.

It likely won’t be the last time Lance Armstrong has to pay someone to settle a lawsuit against him. Along with sponsors, the US government has also sued the former cyclist for his part in the doping scandal. It is unclear how much money Lance Armstrong has had to pay to settle the lawsuits against him.

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