Chris Brown Talks About Gangs, Beyonce And Jay Z On Twitter

Chris Brown Snarks Beyonce, Jay Z On Twitter, Insists On Spraying Things

Chris Brown has been getting things off his chest both off and on Twitter recently.

While in Honolulu, Hawaii ahead of a Friday concert, the 24 year-old singer hired a guide to take him and his entourage to locations where they could legally spray paint.

Clearly looking to keep it “legal” after his recent run-ins with the L.A. City government over graffiti at his home, Brown tagged his Hawaii artwork with the phrase “Fruits Piru” which according to TMZ refers to the Fruit Town Piru gang (apparently a subset of the Bloods), and was positioned next to another phrase that read, “F*** police.”

Random walls, curbsides, and his home, aren’t the only places where the “Fine China” singer likes to express himself.

In what has been a turbulent month, Brown has often taken to Twitter to protest the various issues in his life, often deleting many of these tweets later. After he was eventually forced to remove the graffiti from his home, the troubled singer painted his $90k white Porsche with gaudy artwork and later tweeted:

“I paint pics of monsters because its a reflection of u bi*****s ni***s and this bi*****s system!”

TMZ reports Brown even referred to his self-declared Piru affiliation in a tweet directed to Beyonce and Jay Z, in what may have been a subtle warning of some kind.

Breezy implied the “Crazy in Love” singer lifted his dance moves, then talked about a collaboration and suggested her husband might have a problem with them working together.

Brown’s tweet (seen below) was subsequently deleted:

Chris Brown's Tweet To Jay Z And Beyonce