Brooklyn Glass Shower Couple Promise To ‘Put Up Privacy Coverings’

The Brooklyn couple who installed a glass shower that allowed their neighbors to see them bathe have responded to the criticism they’ve received.

Julie Scelfo, a New York Times journalist, and her lawyer husband, James Cavoli, inserted a giant note on the window for their neighbors to read, which stated that they here disgusted by the attention the renovations to their abode had got.

The note read, “Dear Neighbors; We are still under construction and we regret that our design, which was approved by Landmarks and the city, has alarmed you.”

“It has always been our plant to put up privacy coverings on our shower, which we anticipate will be installed in the coming weeks. Of course, the shower cannot be used until then.”

The message then admitted, “We are dismayed and a bit heart sick at the attention our half-finished house has created. We have lived in Brooklyn all of our adult lives. We expect to live on this block, and raise our extended family here, for the next thirty years.”

The pair left room for reconciliation though, concluding, “We look forward to a day when we know our neighbors well enough to discuss any concerns over coffee, and not in newspapers and on gossip sites on the Internet. Sincerley, Julie and Jamie, Homeowners.”

However, an unnamed neighbor confessed that she believes Scelfo is adoring the attention that her house has received.

The woman said, “I remember [Scelfo] saying, ‘Is everyone talking about us? Are they all talking about us?’ And I think they like it. They gutted the house. I just think they like the attention. They’re getting exactly what they want.”

Previously, other local residents remarked, “I don’t think it’s appropriate, especially in a neighborhood where a lot of kids go to school just down the block.”

What do you think of the glass shower?