'The Crew' lands Gamescon 2013 trailer

‘The Crew’ Gamescon 2013 Trailer Races For Multiplayer Realism [Video]

The Crew, Ubisoft’s latest racing game, just landed its first trailer at Gamescon 2013.

Unlike other racing games which focus on one player and that person’s pavement battle in exotic, muscle, or tuner cars, The Crew is going more for the multiplayer aspect of the team behind the race. Ubisoft has been on a roll with new games being announced, and this is by far one of the most original we’ve seen aside from Watch Dogs.

The Crew appears to be taking the ambitious route, taking the race out of the tracks and into the real-world highways and even off-road. Of course, the realism has a limit, as it only takes roughly an hour and a half to drive from coast to coast in this game. It takes a page out of the Fast And The Furious films by making you an officer infiltrating criminal organizations and even racing your friends in real time.

You can customize your car to your own personal tastes, possibly making it an all-terrain vehicle or a speed demon for the open road. When you win races, you earn parts and cash, and when you race in a team, you’re still competing, but the member who actually wins gets the most out of it.

Ubisoft is pushing to make The Crew a more social racing title, rewarding you for teaming up with other players as you take on cross-country races and such.

The Gamescon 2013 trailer basically shows us the real-world style environments complete with destructible obstacles and grass, construction cones, trees … the whole nine yards. As you upgrade your car, you actually see the parts in action as you swap them out, making for a much more visual way to customize your car. There will be specific challenges related to different aspects of the race, like one where you have to stay on a line as much as possible through the whole event as the terrain makes you jump and swerve.

What do you think of The Crew? Is Ubisoft on to the next evolution of racing in this Gamescon 2013 trailer?