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Kim Cattrall: ‘Fizzy Yoga’ Saved My Life

Kim Cattrall is addicted to “fizzy yoga.”

The Sex And The City star said that fizzy yoga, or Physiyoga, “saved her life” and that she hasn’t been this excited about a fitness trend since Jane Fonda’s 1980s aerobics classes.

Fizzy yoga is a hybrid fitness class that combines yoga, meditative breathing, massage, and physio adjustments.

Cattrall may love fizzy yoga but she also loves her instructor. According to The Handbag, she had her Manhattan teacher Diana Zotos fly out to London to continue training with her while she works on her play Sweet Bird of Youth.

Kim Cattrall said: “As I get older, I find that cardio is less important to me. What I want to do more of is intense stretching. I’m not worried about injuring myself because a regular yoga instructor isn’t versed in the way of the body like a trained physio is.”

Cattrall says that performing on stage everyday can take a toll on her body. Doing Fizzy Yoga helps the star stay fit and pain free.

Her instructor Diana Zotos said: “She respects her body… She uses her body in her day-to-day life to perform. What physiyoga has done for her is what it’s done for everyone — it’s helped her realize how to constantly make adjustments in the way she moves and uses her body, to protect it.”

What do you think of fizzy yoga? Are you a fan of Kim Cattrall?

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