Dentist Attempts To Clone John Lennon From Tooth

Dentist Trying To Clone John Lennon From A Tooth

Dentist Dr. Michael Zuk is collaborating with American scientists to decode the DNA from John Lennon’s tooth in an effort to clone the Beatles member.

According to the Examiner, Dr. Zuk attracted world-wide attention in 2011 for purchasing the tooth for over $30,000 at a UK auction.

“According to Zuk, John Lennon’s tooth is now going under the microscope in a US lab with scientists considering ways to extract the genetic code from the fragile specimen.

“While he’s mum on any details, Dr. Zuk says he hopes that it will provide insight into Lennon’s genes.”

Ultimate Classic Rock reported that the “enthusiastically weird Zuk” has written a song and a book about the tooth, and has supervised “a sort of world tour for it.”

This new adventure into possibly cloning Lennon is Dr. Zuk’s new passion.

“If scientists think they can clone mammoths, then John Lennon could be next,” he told the Examiner.

While there is a lot of controversy over the topic of cloning in general, Dr. Zuk seems to believe that cloning can give the legend second change at life.

On his website, John Lennon Tooth, Dr. Zuk writes:

“Many Beatles fans remember where they were when they heard John Lennon was shot. I hope they also live to hear the day he was given another chance.”

Even though there may be quite a bit of back lash over the idea of cloning a man, the Examiner reports that Dr. Zuk stands firm with his conviction that the investment could be the best decision of his life.

Zuk says “to potentially say I had a small part in bringing back one of Rock’s greatest stars would be mind-blowing.”

He continued, “I am nervous and excited at the possibility that we will be able to fully sequence John Lennon’s DNA, very soon I hope. With researchers working on ways to clone mammoths, the same technology certainly could make human cloning a reality.”

What do you think of the idea of cloning John Lennon by using DNA extracted from one of his teeth?

[Image via Shutterstock/dream designs]