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Senate Passes Bill That Bans Certain Tattoos, Body Markings

Dermal Tattoo Senate Ban Bill

Goodbye freedom of expression, hello Arkansas Senate bill that bans non-traditional body art and skin implants.

The Arkansas Senate passed a tattoo restriction and body modification bill in March that bans certain types of body markings. The bill passed with a Senate vote of 26-4.

The bill is sponsored by Mountain View, Arkansas Senator Missy Irvin and limits scarification and dermal implants.

Scarification is the process by which a persons skin is burned to form a tattoo without ink. Dermal implants place ornaments under a persons skin.

The bill is not guaranteed as it now passes in front of the House of Representatives.

Not surprisingly, the bill has drawn the ire of opponents who believe the US government is once against overstepping its power. The bill was introduced months ago but an increasing number of opponents are now stepping forward to make sure it is shelved for good.

News reports have been isolated mostly to niche websites, which have placed a call to action against the law.

While scarification and dermal implants have their own set of risks, it’s still unclear why Missy Irvin has decided to focus specifically on those procedures.

I don’t see the big deal. In fact, dermal implants can be used to hold your iPod when they are magnetic in nature.

Do you think attempting to ban scarification and dermal implants is wrong on the part of the Arkansas Senate? Should we be able to make our own decisions about our own bodies?

The bill also introduced a measure that requires all incidents of underage tattooing to be reported to the state Health Department. In Arkansas you must be 18 or older to receive a tattoo and 16 or older to receive a cover-up.

Update: This article accidentally listed Missy Irvin in Mountain View, California when it fact she is in Mountain View, Arkansas where the bill was placed with the Arkansas senate for state approval. Sorry for any confusion!

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127 Responses to “Senate Passes Bill That Bans Certain Tattoos, Body Markings”

  1. Joe Mosley

    The government is getting more and more intrusive.The Liberal Democrats are two faced hypocrits. They want government out of their bedrooms and bodys, but they want to be in the bodys of others.

  2. Steve Mullis

    Missy Irvin is an Arkansas State Assembly member. This passed in their Senate, not in U.S. Senate. And I'm pretty sure this happened in March.

  3. Bebe de Herbedecrabe

    uh… it's the Arkansas State Senate, not the US Senate. and Missy Irvin isn't from California, she's from Arkansas. Please try getting your facts straight… it's embarrassing.

  4. Fancois Merryweather

    uhhhh. Senator Missy Irvin is a republic state senator in Arkansas…This article is poorly written. She is based out of Mountain View, Arkansas, not Mountain View California. I knew it was wrong immediately as another terrible Federal Senator, Diane Feinstein, is the senior senator for California. This is a states right issues, in a red state with a republican candidate…You should chill the random liberal bashing and start looking at your fellow Americans as your friends and allies instead of attempting to dehumanize them…Here's a link… Learn stuff and arm yourself with knowledge before passing judgement or else you end up judged.

  5. Brenna Harkins

    Out of all the problems our government has and what she can do for the state of Arkansas this this idiot decides to focus on what people can and can't put on their body instead.

  6. Wade Kornich

    Joe you're an idiot. That sounds exactly what the Repubs are doing. We only care about 2nd amendment rights and rights of pre-birth children. Everything else and after the kids is born, screw them. No one has been more intrusive on rights as the GOP. What joke. Try thinking for yourself for once instead of letting people tell you how to think. It's pitiful. Politicians are crooked as a whole but, GOP is becoming proud and blatant about it.

  7. Wade Kornich

    They want "Less Government" but, a whole lot more control of everything. Smaller gov smaller opposition. Like what you do with your own body, what you should believe, how and if you should be educated. Ya know typical power hunger politician things.

  8. Gina Scribbles Stellabotte

    Sure, I might think that some people go too far. But that doesn't give me (or anyone else) the right to tell someone what to do with THEIR body. Jeez… there are far more important things the senate needs to be worrying about.

  9. Rebecca Faulk

    they can kiss my royal white a$$ if I want more tattoos and body art that's my damn business if no one likes it then don't damn look at me.

  10. Ryan Phillips

    Bills are introduced by the house, sent to the senate and then the prez. This article has the bill going from the senate to the house the the pres. Doesn't work like that.

  11. Bobbie Bruce Myers

    Who care's what one decides what they do to their own body. But it sure in hell is not right of government to tell what they do to them self's. I think they getting to involved into personal issues now. They need to fix the problem with our country before worry about what people do to their bodies.

  12. Andy Grambau

    Ryan Phillips Not true, a bill can originate from either the House or Senate. However, this particular bill is an Arkansas only bill, and has nothing to do with the US Government in any way. Pretty terrible reporting by the author.

  13. Frank Jacobs

    There are so many factual errors in this that I'm not sure there's much meat left on the bones once you sort out the fact from fiction:

    1. Missy Irvin is not a US Senator; she is a state senator representing District 8 in Arkansas.
    2. She lives in Mountain View, AR, not Mountain View, CA.
    3. Repeat: This is not the US Senate; it's the Arkansas state senate.

    So, basically… news flash: an imbecile from Arkansas introduced a stupid law that has little chance of standing up to 1st Amendment challenges. All this plus weather, sports and your winning lotto numbers coming up at 11:00 :)

  14. Teton Moon

    Fascist USA! Its not the job of our congress to do anything but protect our borders against enemies foreign and domestic. Period. These son of a bitches deserve to be hung for treason. Its getting to be worse then Nazi Germany.

  15. Corey Ward

    And because of these facts, this bill will not go to to the US House of Representatives, much less Obama, for approval.

    How did this James Kosur fellow get a gig writing in a political column of anywhere with traffic?

  16. Michael Cudahy

    This article is completely wrong on so many levels, I don't know where to start. Please delete the article.
    The bill would only apply in the State of Arkansas. Missy Irvin, is not surprisingly, is also from Arkansas where she is a state Senator, not a US Senator. The bill was also modified, so it doesn't really ban anything. A US Senate vote of 26-4 would also be hard to imagine, as there are 100 senators.

  17. Amy Krackalackin Brown

    And she's a state senator, not a US one. Is this story even accurate?

  18. Amy Keela Brown

    Not only is Senator Irwin a STATE senator from Arkansas, but the whole story is from March and was settled. I just found this comment on an Arkansas news site: "This is not correct. See Posted: March 21, 2013 at 6:32 pm A few days ago we covered the situation going down in Arkansas. Two state politicians, Missy Irving and Deborah Ferguson, were pushing for a state wide ban on certain types of body modifications, namely scarification and dermal implants. It was a piece of legislation built on nothing more than ignorance driven fear, but it was still speeding headlong into law. Que the Arkansas Body Modification Association, and their chosen spokeswoman Misty Forsberg, a licensed body piercer out of Fort Smith. Misty was able to testify convincingly to the other politicians the errors and dangers of such a bill. "Everyone has a different idea of beauty," Ferguson told the committee, "but we should try to ensure it's done safely and within reasonable limits." Later, Forsberg and her associates where able to reach a compromise that can only be considered a big win for the artists in Arkansas, and sets precedence for other states looking to enact similar legislation, meaning a win for the industry as a whole. The bill would still give the State Board of Health the ability to regulate scarification and it also would ban subdermal implants, which a representative from the Health Department said poses infection risks and "blurs the line" between body art and plastic surgery. I would like to take a moment and thank those who were involved in this fight, Ms Forsberg and cohorts, those who have fought in the past, and those who will surely be called to fight for us in the future, to ensure that we all have safe access to that which drives us most. Body Modification. Source: ArkansasOnline

  19. Tim A. Church

    Also, a bill does not pass the US Senate on a vote of 26-4.

  20. Anne Buzzini

    Oh, it's the fucking arkansas senate, not the US senate. Jesus.

  21. Seth Peck

    Hey, if they were interested in facts, they wouldn't spin the story tailored to their own view without reading it first.

  22. Jeffrey Ray Hardin

    The article never once implied she was from California?! Matter of fact it said the Arkansas senate twice, meaning she was an Arkansas Senator who voted on the bill…

  23. Jeffrey Ray Hardin

    Amy Krackalackin Brown State Senator – U.S. Senator? Both the same! 2 Senators elected from each state for the US Senate, 100 in all, unless of course you happen to be a Liberal, then in that case, there are 114 senators being there are 57 states lol…(/SARCSm intended towards Obama only)…

  24. Tim A. Church

    Turns out this also happened months ago. Dunno why it's being posted like breaking news today.. this article is FAIL.

  25. Jeffrey Ray Hardin

    ML Jones, (Bills dealing with raising money must originate in the House of Representatives.) … Laws may be initiated in either chamber of Congress, the House of Representatives or the Senate. Senate, a member may introduce a bill after being recognized by the presiding officer and announcing the bill’s introduction. The bill is then given a prefix and a number. H.R. 33 would be House Resolution 33 and S.B. 44 would be Senate Bill 44.

  26. Brandon Ross

    This is Arkansas Senate, not the US Senate. Please remove or rewrite this article. This is not a Federal mandate, it's a State Mandate which is well within the rights of the states given in the Constitution.

  27. Darleen Mahonski Dalto

    With everything BAD that is happening in this country or ours you would think the government would have much better things to spend their time on. I can't believe our tax dollars are being wasted on such nonsense. Canada looks better every day.

  28. Brad Radiske

    You're both misled by the belief that the liberal and republican parties are any different, it's all a ruse to grab your attention. This bill on the other hand, is just total bullshit.

  29. Tiffany Diamond


    The article going around in regards to Arkansas regulations is a past article. The APP and ABMA (Arkansas Body Modification Association) worked on this Bill with the Senator that sponsored it last year. The outcome achieved was what was best for the state at this time and not what is being reposted. The date on that article is before the last Legislative hearing. Please stop reposting this article and do not write to the Senator.

    Steve Joyner
    Legislative Committee
    Association of Professional Piercers (APP).

  30. Robin Stripling

    it isn't the tattoo's they want to ban it is the branding which is burning an image into your skin, it uses no ink.

  31. Tiffany Diamond

    The article going around in regards to Arkansas regulations is a past article. The APP and ABMA (Arkansas Body Modification Association) worked on this Bill with the Senator that sponsored it last year. The outcome achieved was what was best for the state at this time and not what is being reposted. The date on that article is before the last Legislative hearing. Please stop reposting this article and do not write to the Senator.

    Steve Joyner
    Legislative Committee
    Association of Professional Piercers (APP).

  32. Fancois Merryweather

    Brad Radiske is correct! Just cuz this is a terrible written law sponsored by republicans, it doesnt meant that there aren't terribly written laws sponsored by democrats. Check out the BBC document "Happiness Machines". Public Relations was created to trick people into believing that voting matters.

  33. Hyway Harris

    This is why Congress, the Senate, The House, they need to serve 4 years and then be gone! Politicians can't pass laws FOR the people so they have to start controversy AGAINST the people! Hello….Washington….stay the FCK out of our lives!

  34. Brandon Meredith

    This is Republican sponsored. It shouldn't be shocking though since they are always the ones trying to tell the rest of us how we should and shouldn't live. Do a little research before you comment to avoid looking like an idiot.

  35. Lee Fetzer

    The Arkansas senate has 35 members, 21 republican and 14 democratic. It is always the republicans who try to do this kind of stuff. They want a nanny state.

  36. Adeeb Shuaib

    I think these sort of piercings are unnecessary, but that does not give me the right to impose my will on others. Why can't we just respect the bill of rights?

  37. Karen Richardson Bianco

    I may not like all this body modifications and dermals…BUT the government has ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO TELL ME WHAT I CAN OR CAN'T DO TO MY BODY….What's next?!?

  38. Luke Safely

    As long as you vote and take part in your shitty government. Yes.

  39. Brandon Ross

    Ashley Waterstradt yes. States have a lot of rights granted to them that the federal government has, even though the federal government has been overstepping its bounds lately, states have the power to make shitty laws.

    Tenth Amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    The "or to the people" part is really fun for me because it suggests we can abolish states altogether.

  40. Samantha Thompson

    Did anyone read this? It says the scarification tattoos which are dangerous.

  41. Sarah Allison

    So effing what? It is not their business to tell people what they can & cannot do with their own bodies. Alcohol is dangerous; that's not banned. Driving a car is dangerous; that's not banned. Smoking a cigarette is dangerous; not banned.

  42. Sarah Allison

    Didn't mean to end that comment. Tanning beds are dangerous; not banned. Bungee jumping, motorcycles, swimming, almost anything can be dangerous. If the government banned everything that has the potential to be dangerous, there would barely be anything left. Scarification literally has no impact on others. So that's a crap argument.

  43. Skin Traditions

    Thank your free trade agreement government for allowing all the outside country communist to become part of its goverment and slowly but surely we loose out constitutional rights …

  44. Skin Traditions

    Its true its been slowly wiping out the United States of America with all the cheap crap being sold here but being brought in from other countries. …then u have all the mom and pop stores going under because of factory's closing due to job loss .closing factory. Now there trying to say what u can eat what u can wear .were u can smoke ..what u can and can't own….take a look back just 30 years to date ….its happening now

  45. Carrie Trahan

    I just seen this tonight. How fucking ridiculous. I didn't know MY body affected them so much

  46. Elizabeth Duval

    Tim A. Church The original article that this one copied word for word was from 03/05!

  47. Elizabeth Duval

    Tim A. Church The original article that this one copied word for word was from 03/05!

  48. Tim A. Church

    Elizabeth, they made MANY edits before they copied the March article

  49. Justin Soccio

    This is only dangerous when not done by a professional, and also the person getting the mod needs to take proper care of it just like any tattoo or piercing.

  50. Alex Johnson

    This won't stand. The second something actually goes to court, it'll either get thrown out or end up in Federal, where the law will be deemed wrong and be thrown out.

  51. Kelly Werner

    This is actually really offensive. Scarring and tattoos in other parts in the world are more than self expression – they're symbolic and cultural. In African cultures scarring is a staple of beauty and a sign of earned community respect. In the Maori cultures in the Pacific islands tattoos that cover your face and body are tradition that existed long before white people came to the area. I don't even have any tattoos and I'm generally modest with my piercings but I can respect someone's choice and freedom and also am smart enough to realize that other parts of the world respect body modification. Arkansas can really fuck off in my opinion.

  52. Scott Levine

    Are we sure this is the best use of time, Arkansas Legislature? Nothing more important? Lunch, coffee? If everything that matters is taken care of, you could, like, take some vacation time or something.

  53. Chloe Faith Ross

    Arkansas: where you can legally beat your wife no more than once a month, but heavens forbid you want to get a small piece of metal implanted in your skin.

  54. Tiffany Heather Rackham

    Uhm hellooooooo!! Is this even a ??? Wow. Wow wow!! And I thought Utah was bad.

  55. Michael Cudahy

    Well, better, but, while the initial Arkansas bill, back in Feb 2013 did prohibit the practice of "Scarification" by an artist licensed by the Department of Health. But this section was deleted, because bills change. So, there is no new restriction on tattoos or non-traditional, whatever that is, body art.

    If you read the bill that passed back in April, it's about 99% definitions, and not much regulation. The only regulation left, is a ban on an artist licensed by the Department of Health inserting a subdermal (fully under the skin) implant. That seems reasonable, because a tattoo artist is not a plastic surgeon, and a bad sub dermal can be a serious emergency.

    Here is the bill:

  56. Denise Connolly

    We are free in the USA. NO ONE has the right to tell me what I can do or put on MY body, Not even the Senate. They should worry about JOBS and housing for the people of their state. What are they going to do kick everyone out of the state. Please. Stop trying to take away our right and Do your damn jobs.

  57. Tim VanDeHey

    Alexander Nunez I am more concerned with making sure we have good jobs, and freedom of and from religion and free speech and the right to assemble and the freedom and right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness than your misguided over the top second amendment arguments. I myself own a couple guns I use for hunting and a little bit of target practice. If you feel you need a gun to protect yourself, can I suggest making better life choices instead of clinging to your guns like a life vest in ocean except your ocean is really a local kiddie pool where the danger is either your own making or imaginary.

    And I take it by your statement then about supporting life you were against the Iraqi war, and the death penalty, and I am sure you support the ACA and the widening of Medicaid, Social Security, and the STAP (food stamp) programs?

  58. Janet Bowman

    Wade Kornich What flavor of Kool (fool) Aid did you choose?

  59. Janet Bowman

    Marcie McIntosh Pick some where warm and I may tag along!

  60. Tricia Pat Lawrence Cook

    If this is to outlaw these acts upon minors regardless of parental permission…fine….otherwise it is not the government's business.

  61. Scott Woody

    So glad that our money is being wasted on stupid shit. I don't really care what anyone does to their body and either should the Gov't.

  62. Tricia Carr

    joe you're a moron.the woman that wrote this law is a christian conservative it the democrats that want to make it law that a woman should be required to have a vaginal probe? ever have a vaginal probe joe? it's pretty damn invasive. is it the democrats that want to make the pill illegal because it's considered an abortion? is it democrats that want to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest? is it democrats that came up with the legitimate rape nonsense? is it democrats that want to take away birth control and replace it with abstinence only? is it the democrats that want to stop insurance companies from covering birth control? was it a democrat that said rape is a form of conception and the woman should be forced to carry it full term? surely you're a fan of paul ryan because that's who said that line of complete bullshit. was it a democrat that said if a woman got pregnant from being raped that she should consider it a gift from god? the republicans have made it very clear that they don't like women and once again an uninformed republican opening their ignorant mouth.get a clue asshole.

  63. Rob Nack

    Tim VanDeHey Who the hell are you to say who needs to protect themselves? Do women who get raped make bad life choices? Do they not have a right to defend off such attackers? It is our right to defend ourselves, when that time comes, you are free to call the police if that is what you choose, when seconds count they are minutes away.

  64. Lisa Rose

    Missy Irvin is a Republican Joe, so your liberal rant here is irrelevant

  65. Kent Lamb

    Wade & a few others downing the GOP as the intrusive ones…yes, this is a bad law by the R's, ya get a few bad apples now and then…but let's sober up into reality a bit here. It's the Dem & liberal party that pretends to be on the side of 2nd amendment freedoms & on the less fortunate, but they are the ones constantly trying to squelch the freedom of the religious in what they say and do in public life that used to never be questioned before, they are the ones feeding all this global warming malarchy in blind followers costing untold billions in dollars and lost jobs passing dumb Green laws, they are the ones doing a good job making U.S. a nanny state with the hugest increase in food stamps & welfare. What about this monster healthcare that's forcing businesses to shut down & decrease their work force cause they can't afford this intrusive & detramental program? Who won't allow a pipeline that will bring us closer to oil independance and give jobs to thousands (or more) who desparately need it? Who's trying to increase min. wage to $15 hr. which only hurts they job market of those who can't afford it? Who's trying to pass laws on how much soda a city/state can sell in restaurants? All Dem sponsored. Let's face it, the Dem party is the massively intrusive party into private lives & businesses. They pretend to be for equal rights, but obviously only for certain groups & not all Americans. I'm just saying look a little deeper on who's really doing what in our government.

  66. Summer Olsen

    One this was in the Arkansas Senate which is state government NOT U.S. government. They did mention that in the article but it was buried in the middle of the story. But of course the title got most people in a uproar. I do not believe that the law is even legal by both U.S. Constitution as well as the Arkansas Constitution as soon as they start trying to stop basic liberties the courts step in and say NO that is not right. Yes there will be an uproar until it goes to the House of Representatives and IF it passes there will be a lawsuit which will get it thrown out. But this hole thing did what it was suppose to it put a nobody Arkansas Senator Missy Irvin in the news. Hell even in the original article they put her in Mountain View, California when it is Mountain View, Arkansas. This is the best way to expand her career right, wrong, or indifferent.

  67. Tricia Carr

    another government hating republican wanting government in your personal business.

  68. Sheila Kotze

    Kent Lamb OMG…. I wouldn't even know where to start with this rant.. for goodness sake.. WHY!!! do people spew out stuff without checking facts or looking at the other side.. They want this side or that to be right.. so only get news that supports what they want and tell them what they want to hear. Sheesh… Look at both sides.. do some fact checking and instead of just looking for the bad on either side.. look for the good and then make a truly informed decision.

  69. Rocco Parisi

    Well then how are they going to microchip everyone? We all know its coming. Fuck the government.

  70. Kathryn Sohns Tines

    I work in a dental office in Michigan and we are regulated by the Board of Dentistry in that State as well as the MIOSHA and OSHA that oversee that we comply with the laws set forth to protect the public and its workers. These laws are there to prevent harm to the public. They are not aware of sterilization techniques or practices.Is there a board that regulates these places to insure they are practicing safely. This industry being so new has to have some safety regulations or people could be harmed. Yes, you may have a right to decide over your body, but until the providers are deemed safe the state is stepping in. Never heard of a board of tatoo artists, but there should be. Buyer beware. We get referrals for doctors and dentists, etc. don't take your health for granted. Your governmnt is doing its job. If these are safe I would say to the protesters bring the proof, set up your board. Help the government not overstep, but until then, they are taking steps to insure safety.

  71. Judy Buss

    Joe, I think you s/take a good look in the mirror as to what your Republican friends are promoting before you start to yell about Democrats, I think you need to take a good look at their agenda & maybe wake up!!

  72. Teri Howard

    How in the world does one think they can legislate what someone else does to their own body? Oh wait. I forgot I was in the U.S.

  73. Judy Buss


  74. Teri Howard

    So you know the Liberals are behind this and this lady is in fact a Liberal? Because if you don't know that you end up looking like an idiot. Well, like even more of an idiot.

  75. Tami Gregory

    This is absolutely crazy. Sure people take things too far, but when does it stop? The Government has no right to come in and control me or tell me what I can and can't do with my body. It is a violation of my rights as a person, If I want a tattoo or other marking on my body that is my choice. The government is getting their hands into to many pots and I think it is time we started closing the lids on them. It is time we tell the government we aren't your slaves we are the citizens of America and WE are the ones that put you in office so it is We who should be telling you what to do.

  76. Faith Smith-Maguire

    If that were the only problem our Country was facing, we would be in really great shape. But obviously it isn't! Wake up so called U.S. Government! Start tackling the REAL problems that we have instead of trying to tell people what they can and can't do with their own bodies! How ridiculous this is!

  77. Lisa Langsdorf Cloran

    So the government says it's ok for a woman to terminate a pregnancy and sacrifice a tiny life (a woman's right to do what she wants because it's her body), but they want to regulate what kind of body art a person can get?

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