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Sean Hannity Exits Cumulus Radio [Report]

Sean Hannity leaving Cumulus radio

Sean Hannity’s departure from the Cumulus radio network apparently has been confirmed, but the talk show host rather than Cumulus reportedly precipitated the breakup.

Last month, reports surfaced that Cumulus Media wanted to drop both Hannity and Rush Limbaugh from their radio lineup. Both contracts are up for renewal and negotiations have been ongoing.

Hannity’s radio show airs live Monday through Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm Eastern.

Reports are emerging today Hannity has decided to let his contract lapse because of differences with Cumulus management. Limbaugh may apparently re-up with Cumulus, however.

According to Mediaite, “Cumulus stations have suffered a significant dip in the ratings among the key 25-54 demographic.”

Citing a report from Inside Music Media, claims that Hannity fired Cumulus and not the other way around: “… Hannity has told Cumulus Media CEO Lew Dickey, ‘YOU’RE fired!’ (figuratively) and has unequivocally turned down re-signing with Cumulus, opting to go with his syndicator Clear Channel and move on over to the stations they own in markets where he will undoubtedly be dropped by Cumulus such as in New York where he would move from Cumulus’ WABC to Clear Channel’s WOR.”

According to an anonymous source, Hannity supposedly has said behind the scenes that “The Dickeys are the single worst operators in the history of radio. They have destroyed legendary stations like KGO and KSFO. They are currently in the process of destroying WLS, WABC, WJR, WBAP, and WMAL.”

Last night, Michael Savage predicted that he would take over Sean Hannity’s radio time slot. Savage currently broadcasts his talk show from 9 pm to midnight on the Cumulus radio network.

Earlier this month, the news surfaced that Megyn Kelly would assume Sean Hannity’s 9 pm Eastern primetime show on the Fox News Channel. Fox Boss Roger Ailes confirmed that Kelly would move to primetime but also said that all of the current roster of primetime stars would be returning.

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35 Responses to “Sean Hannity Exits Cumulus Radio [Report]”

  1. David Martin

    Hannity does damage control for the GOP. His job is to have damaged Republicans on his show so he can wash their feet and cleanse them of all sin.

  2. Alan Hutchens

    We conservatives are not tired of Mr. Hannity. Rather, reality set in immediately after the 2012 election. The nation as a majority consciously chose to turn nearly everything over once again to Mr. Helena Handbasket Obama. It's simply too depressing to force ourselves to listen to the daily reports of what is happening to our nation, when we can't vote about it until November of 2014. Rather than listening to the daily demise of our nation, we are better off spending time in prayer.

  3. Kivals Slavik

    Yes, that landslide victory Gone In-Sannity-bag and the other Foxtitutes @ FOX " news " predicted for Willard RMoney is why you are depressed.

  4. Craig Achorn

    Racist this is a man who reached out to the black community with internships and paid jobs more the the race Hustler Al Sharpton and my son is going to prison Jesse Jackson

  5. Craig Achorn

    I like Sean but it seems to me he is an establishment guy. I mean how many times can you have Karl Rove on and dedicating an entire show to Joe I voted for Obamacare Lieberman.

  6. Jack McDavid

    Hutchens has a great post. Fatigue from losing has driven conservatives into a stupor, and guys like Hannity just keep bringing losses. Limbaugh much better than Hannity for two reasons: 1) he's a heck of a lot more analytical and insightful and 2) he doesn't have a bunch of tired duds that remind the downtrodden conservatives (that launched Hannity) of why they lost. Limbaugh, however, caught in the vortex of O' Worthless and Wall banger (Hannity used to hang sheet rock) is probably suffering spill over. Truth is, there is some tiny but noteworthy signs of defeatism in the usual ever-optimistic Rushbo. The double Obummer hits in '08, '12 (courtesy of media coup d'état and lilly-livered, country club GOP duds who all but threw the elections) will be seen as the death knell of the GOP. Not sure what comes next, but everyone who feels they'll go to a nut house if 3+ yrs from now we have Billary to deal with for at least 4 yrs…better get some meds. If GOP right splits, it'll be a decade or more before they can post a challenge. if they stay, you get more Doles, Fords, Romneys and McLames for more thrown elections and more misled and demoralized patriots out in the hinterlands throwing in the towels and buying ammo. I'm one of them. God bless all patriots and what's left of our fathers and grandfathers' republic.

  7. Victor Wiley

    jack McD is right on!!!! Luv having the rightwing trash drying,,,,,,,luv it–luv it!!

  8. Roderick Brian Crews

    Hannity will be on Radio a lot longer than all the losers in management at Cumulus…replacing him with Michael Savage is like going from a Rolls Royce to a Yugo.

  9. Frank Boydston

    you are posing like a little pu$$y with that lap dog and you expect to be taken seriously? tell me that's not you. if it is you need to grow a pair big time, especially with that drivel. the demise of our nation is caused by morons like you who consider themselves patriots when all they do is destroy the country from within. go pray for that pair, boy.

  10. Betty K. Lim

    I agree with you 100%. I love Sean Hannity and only in him that I can learn and hear the TRUTH and Rush Limbaugh. Everyone else are phony and junk and full of lies. I am talking about all the DemonRATS Party They can all go to hell. I wish Sean and Rush the best of everything. I have heard about Michael Savage but I don't care about him.

  11. David DePottey

    Hannity and limbaugh two college drop outs telling liberals how stupid they are, truely amazing, but have to give them credit for being able to out talk and talk over everyone.

  12. David Baxter

    Hannity and Limbaugh two college drop outs telling liberals how stupid they are, simply amazing.. but have to give them credit, they can talk louder and over anyone..I guess it pays to have a big mouth and know everything about everything. maybe that is why they dropped out of college, because they already knew it all..

  13. Wendell Fountain

    I don't know the behind the scenes machinations which have gone on between Cumulous and Sean Hannity, but from what I've been reading, the leadership of Cumulous has a problem–not Hannity!

  14. Kenny Milne

    You are a bunch of fucking pieces of shit. Blaming Obama for our issues shows how truly fucking ignorant you conservative assholes are. Your hero, Bush fucked this country up so badly we may NEVER recover and you want to blame Obama? You make me want to fucking puke,asshole.

  15. Kenny Milne

    Betty K. Lim Youre so fucking clueless, the ONLY thing that fat assed piece of shit, Limbaugh does it swallow 50 fucking Oxy's per day

  16. Scott Masterson

    Betty K. Lim You've heard about Savage, but have you ever actually LISTENED to his show? Or do you just believe what others tell you??

  17. Scott Masterson

    Hannity is just the flip side from Raisehell MadCow. He's just in the tank for the Republicans. I've seen how he distorts the truth to the Right… (yes, he does) just as bad as everyone on MSDNC twists the truth to the radical Left.

  18. David Casey

    and we wonder why this country is in the shape its in! How many shows of Hannity have you seen lately Mr. Martin?

  19. Paul Ridge

    Betty K. Lim you learn the truth from uneducated radio jocks ?…… scary is that….listening to seans endorsements are like listening to a snake oil salesman….I imagine you are also a fan of Sarah Palin

  20. EL Renau

    I seem to remember when Glenn Beck left Fox how all the progressive/liberals had a field day saying what a loser he was. Seems like he's doing quite well with his own TV station, his incredible website, his own news broadcasts, radio program, and incredible guests and specials, etc. etc. I hear he has also just bought a movie studio and will be producing films. What the uneducated and unsuccessful losers on the internet comments sections don't realize is that sometimes you have to step out in faith in order to achieve real success. That's what freedom and America are all about.

  21. EL Renau

    I presume you are referring to Obama … would love to dump him somewhere.

  22. Kenneth Lichtig

    Joe Stoneman Give me an example that Sean Hannity has lied to his listening audience?

  23. Simona Sico-Navales

    i felt so bad knowing that sean will no longer be heard from the radio show that we have with rush. i love to hear him and rush so with his slot at foxnews at 6 & 9pm.

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