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Michael Savage Replacing Sean Hannity On Cumulus Radio?

Michael Savage replacing Sean Hannity on the radio?

Will Sean Hannity be replaced by Michael Savage on the Cumulus radio network?

There’s one person that thinks so: Michael Savage.

Late last month,it was reported that Cumulus Media, the second-biggest broadcaster in the United States, planned to drop talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in the near future. Both talk show hosts are nearing the end of their contracts and the company reportedly decided against signing Hannity or Limbaugh to future deals. Cumulus has not commented on the report, and this could be just part of negotiating tactics. (According to Mediaite, Limbaugh is likely to sign a new contract with Cumulus but Hannity’s future is unsettled.)

Michael Savage, who currently broadcasts from 9 pm to midnight Eastern on the same network, believes the rumor has substance, however. On his radio show this evening, he made a bold prediction about Sean Hannity’s future with Cumulus.

Given that Hannity is losing his Fox News Channel prime time TV show to Megan Kelly, Savage suggested that logic would indicate that Hannity’s radio perch is next.

“I think I’m going to make a prediction about radio. I’ll predict right here on this show tonight — and mark it down and then you can decide whether I’m right or wrong whenever it may or may not happen — I predict, right here, right now, that I, Michael Savage and the Savage Nation, is going to take over the Sean Hannity Show time slot by the end of the year. Look, his show is done, and it is sad. He’s not a bad guy. He’s probably a nice guy, but his time is come and his time has gone. I am the heir apparent to afternoon drive on the East Coast and around America on Cumulus stations, which have the most powerful stations in the radio world.”

The conservative gadfly also claimed that the Savage Nation is already number one in talk show online listening, but terrestrial radio is still powerful and important.

Hannity’s daily radio show currently airs live from 3 to 6 pm Eastern.

What do you think of Michael Savage’s prediction that the proponent of “borders, language, and culture” will replace Sean Hannity on Cumulus radio during afternoon drive?

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39 Responses to “Michael Savage Replacing Sean Hannity On Cumulus Radio?”

  1. David Carter

    Hannity is the best show on Fox. at least he is always seeking the truth and not afraid to help keep American values as a top priority. God bless you Hannity!

  2. Amy Dugas

    I am a Christian conservative, and this is how I see Mr. Savage:

    1. Savage rejected the Gospel of Jesus on the radio when I think it was Billy Graham's son was on his show. He said "I can't buy that." Yet he is hailed by many of his followers as some kind of spiritual beacon.
    2. Savage preaches all about health food and herbal/vitamin therapy, but it seems like he is always complaining that he is sick.
    3. He rarely gets around to substantive political banter because he rambles.
    4. I am not totally opposed to conspiracy theories – I have come up with a few myself. However, sometimes he goes really off the wall, and then presents it as truth.

    I guess the appeal must be tabloid-like conservatism. He surely makes the rest of us look not too good.

  3. Ron Manicotti Man

    I can say based on my friends in radio, that Hannity show at 3 to 6 is a bigger ratings hit , then M S would be.. People enjoy M S at 9 to Midnight and would Not move withhi to a 3 pm shift.. M S should just stay at 9.

  4. Jo Scott-Bell

    If this is true, one would hardly think Hannity would be replaced with Michael (Weiner) Savage! That's the funniest thing I've heard all day out of all the deplorable news reports. Unless Cumulus really wants to find someone who will "work" for next to nothing. How ridiculous for Savage to even suggest such a thing when we do not yet know the facts. Guess he is doing what he always does – just makes it up as he goes along. Sean Hannity has been one of America's hardest working WARRIORS for truth. I hope he's not leaving Fox. I like Megyn Kelly, but don't think Sean should be replaced at all. I will be very upset if both Fox and Cumulus do this to Sean. Well, if they do, Sean will land on his feet. Where doors close others open.

  5. Audrey Stricker

    That petty little man Savage , who always tries to belittle and ridicule other talk show hosts, will never make it on my prime time. Way to go Sean and Rush and Herman.

  6. Dennis D'Amato

    Make no mistake. Savitch is the most ignorant and hateful person on the air. Bar NONE.

  7. Kivals Slavik

    Gerry Colavito you could be replaced by the pink slime that oozes from George Zimmerman's anus and that would be an improvement.

  8. Gary Barker

    Count the times Savage uses the word I in a show. You will not get past 30 seconds.cant count fast enough.

  9. Paul Ridge

    I didn't no bigotry and intolerance were American values……..Hannity has no interest in the the truth……..or else shy would he be friends with a traitor like Ted Nugent or Ollie North

  10. Johnny Piteo

    I love Sean Hannity and listen to him all week long but I cannot stand Michael Savage! Don't take my Hannity away.
    and replace him with this garbage.

  11. Laura Meyer

    You say Hannity probably is a nice guy. Well I can say for certain that you are not! I don’t like your attitude! Your time won’t be gone soon enough as far as I am concerned!

  12. William Gernand

    Michael Savage is a million times better than Hannity or Rush. Remember the Patriot Act? Rush and Hannity praised their Republican god for passing that. Now the government is using it to spy on us!

  13. Ron Smith

    I stopped being able to listen to Sean ever since his creepy man-crush infatuation with George Bush became obvious.

  14. Ronald Bobeck

    Hey, savage is a CHICKEN HAWK dodging coward. I thinks he's the reincarnation of che'… I called the show when my Son was on His 1st deployment to Iraq. I was dumped. He is Anthe Neo-con, righter. At least Hannity supports the Fallen Hero's Fund.

  15. Janice Kraczon

    I absolutely LOVED Ted Nugent growing up and I love him now. He stands for the America I grew up in. Not the evil, entitled, sneaky society that is now so prominent, Go Ted. he should run for president…..

  16. Terry Turner

    It would be hard for me to believe much of anything in this story because of liberal media hate for conservative talk radio. Disinformation is a fancy tool and, beside, replace a gentle white knight style personality like Hannity with the King of Liberal Ball Busters like Michael Savage-Cummulus gotta be on crack or finally grew a set.

  17. Ray Henry

    Yeah, like he was for NSA surveillance under Bush, before he was against NSA surveillance under Obama. You mean that truthfulness?

  18. Ray Henry

    Darwin Dwelle, so what would you call the Conservatism/TeaPartiers? Just curious.

  19. Ray Henry

    Janice Kraczon, so saying what that draft dodger says is not evil but the rest of us are the evil, sneaky ones? Yeah, that makes sense.

  20. Kirk C Najarian

    Bush didn't abuse the surveillance with the NSA Obama did so your answer is Yes he was because as always to Liberals facts rarely matter

  21. Kirk C Najarian

    Tea Party members are SMART knowledgeable People who follow laws and the constitution might try to read that document , by the way Liberalism isn't covered under Obamacare

  22. Kirk C Najarian

    How is that Air America going ? Liberal talk draws zero ratings ….Nice Ray Henry you proved our point you never listed to Rush Hannity or Levin ….but yet you chirp talking points so well . Hannity and Rush are dropping Cumulus not the lame stream story that Cumulus is dropping them … never heard of a company dropping rating giants like Sean or Rush since ad revenues are based on market share and audience and with free radio nearly dead I would say you and your friends on the left are wrong "AGAIN" now go and listen to Ed the Head Schultz and Rachael Madcow for your news/Left leaning tripe .

  23. Peter Rizzo

    Michael Savage always tell's it like it is! He doesn't sugar coat and bow down to political persuasion… On his website he show's controversial footage and talks about what the media doesn't like to address. Although graphic at times its necessary to get the message across.

  24. Dennis D'Amato

    Kirk C Najarian Teabaggers have half the IQ of normal people. Because they don't know how to spell IQ. They keep forgetting the Q.

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