Usher ex angry for son getting injured under his watch.

Usher’s Ex Angry Their Son Got Injured While On His Watch

Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond said she doesn’t blame the rapper for her son’s near drowning accident. but is “angry it happened under his watch.”

Raymond believes the couple’s two children are not getting the proper care under their famous dad’s watch.

Raymond V, 5, nearly drowned at the singer’s Atlanta home on August 5. Usher was not home at the time and the child was being supervised by his aunt.

The boy was hospitalized after the incident, but later released and was seen wearing a band-aid on one of his arms. The accident has brought the bitter custody dispute between the couple front and center.

Speaking exclusively to Dan Abrams, from ABC News, Tameka Raymond said she doesn’t blame Usher for the accident, but she was angry, because, while accidents do happen, her children have never been injured while on her watch.

After the incident, Usher’s ex filed for an emergency hearing in an attempt to obtain full custody of the children. However, a judge denied her request on August 9, granting Usher primary custody.

Raymond argued that her ex-husband’s busy schedule prevents him from properly caring for the children, who are often being watched by friends or relatives when they should be with their mother.

“I feel like the kids are not getting proper care. And I think the reason for that is he’s not there. There is no amount of care that a caregiver, nanny, grandmother, aunt, anyone… There’s nothing like a mother,” she said.

Raymond was at a dentist appointment when she received the call from Usher and since they don’t speak often she knew something was wrong.

The incident brought back painful memories for her, a son from another father was tragically killed in a jet skiing accident in 2012.

Usher’s ex-wife says she doesn’t hate him and he is a good father, but is too busy to be at home all the time. She wants to have her first right of refusal, which means when he’s not home, the kids stay with her.